Calendar of the Sun for Thursday, Feb 9th

Calendar of the Sun
9 Solmonath

Day of Nerthus and Wuldorfader

Colors: Green and blue
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Lay with a green cloth, and place upon it pots of earth in which has been drawn the runes Feoh, and Berkana, and Jera, and seeds to be planted, and a wooden tray of small cakes marked with the runes Sigil, and Tyr, and Ansuz, and a horn of mead, and a pitcher of rain or snow water.
Offerings: Planting seeds. Doing something to clean the earth or air.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian, with wholegrain bread and vegetables. Mead and honeyed tea to drink.

Invocation to Nerthus and Wuldorfader

Great Mother Earth beneath our feet
Who gives forth all our sustenance,
Who feeds us from your breast,
Never let us forget
How much we owe
Your eternal fertility.
Father of Glory above us,
You who send the rain
To grow your bride’s crops
High enough to touch your hand,
May you be generous to us this year.
Earth and Rain, we beg you
To move in a joyful dance together
And never spend too long apart.

(Chant wordlessly as each person digs a hole in the pots of earth, places in a small cake, sprinkles seeds over it, tamps down the earth, waters it, and sends energy into the seeds. Then pass around the horn of mead, drink to Mother Nerthus and Wuldorfader, and pour out the remainder as a libation.)