Bath for Clearing Away All Psychic Nastiness: Beer Bath

General Instructions for all Baths


Once the bath is ready, sit in the tub, and completely immerse yourself seven times, allowing the mixture to flow into all body openings. (Swish it around in your mouth as well, but do not swallow it.) Stay in the tub for seven minutes, then get out, allowing the moisture on your body and hair to dry naturally.


The Beer Bath

This is a great little psychic cleanser with added perks: It relieves mild depression and is actually good for your skin and hair.

Materials needed:

1  12 oz. can of beer

1  T. salt

Add the beer and salt to a warm tub of water. Using your index finger, stir the water clockwise until thoroughly mixed.


Herb of the Day for February 16th – Hops

Herb of the Day for February 16th – Hops
  Latin Name: Humukus lupulis
Common Names: Common Hop, Beer Flower, Flores de Cerveza
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Air

Folklore: Known worldwide as one of the chief ingredients in the brewing of beer, Hops is grown throughout the world primarily to sate the thirst of beer-lovers everywhere.

Hops was first known to be used within the creation of beer around the 11th century, but prior to this it was a popular addition to the alcoholic beverage Ale, which was favored by Saxon and Danish cultures.

It was also a popular medicinal herb prior to the surge in its use in creating beer, with many herbalists of past ages using it to treat a variety of disorders, primarily as a sedative.

Magickal Uses: Healing, Sleep