Herb of the Day for February 16th – Hops

Herb of the Day for February 16th – Hops
  Latin Name: Humukus lupulis
Common Names: Common Hop, Beer Flower, Flores de Cerveza
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Air

Folklore: Known worldwide as one of the chief ingredients in the brewing of beer, Hops is grown throughout the world primarily to sate the thirst of beer-lovers everywhere.

Hops was first known to be used within the creation of beer around the 11th century, but prior to this it was a popular addition to the alcoholic beverage Ale, which was favored by Saxon and Danish cultures.

It was also a popular medicinal herb prior to the surge in its use in creating beer, with many herbalists of past ages using it to treat a variety of disorders, primarily as a sedative.

Magickal Uses: Healing, Sleep