Season Ritual

Season Ritual
By: Willow Myst, White Moon School
This is a ritual for Hallows. I was thinking that, if he’s willing, my husband and I could do this together, late at night after our children are done with trick or treat and fast asleep.
Intent: Banish our fears and inspire our hopes for the new year
Need: Jack-O-Lantern already lit
        black and white candles
        Paper and pen/pencil for each person
        Bowl of cooked pumpkin seeds (from Jack-O-Lantern)
        Cauldron/pot for burning paper
Fold papers in half lengthwise. Then on the left half, write fears you’d like to banish and on the right half write your hopes for the future. Then light the black candle to represent banishing the fears. Tear the sheet in half and take the fear half and light it on fire from the Jack-O-Lantern. Light the white candle to represent your hopes. If you are doing this with a partner,  take turns reading out loud your hopes and eat a pumpkin seed for each one. Hang your lists of hopes somewhere you can read them everyday.
About the Author: Willow Myst is a mother of two wonderful children and currently studying to become a Priestess of the Order of the White Moon.

Samhain: An Underworld Tarot Ritual

Samhain: An Underworld Tarot Ritual

by Yasmine Galenorn


November 1, Samhain — the Festival of the Dead. The year is waning, venturing towards the winter solstice, the darkest night of the year. Leaves lay crisp on the ground, their burnished reds and bronzes a reminder of the fallow fields of autumn. It is the time of spirits, the time of witches, the time of crackling bonfires around which we dance to the thundering pulse of the drum.

On Samhain we not only remember our ancestors, but we seek a better understanding of our psyches. The veil between the worlds of spirit and of mortal-kind is at its thinnest, and we can now see into the darkness of the void, into the shadows of our own self. We seek understanding, we ask for guidance, we remember our roots.

Late on Samhain Eve — October 31, near to the witching hour, set up your scrying altar. Cover it with a black cloth, preferably velvet, and in the center, prop up a magick mirror so that you can easily see into it. On one side of the mirror set an orange candle, on the other a white candle. In back of the mirror, raised so that you can see it, place a black candle. Prepare music (such as Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors) for your evening’s work. Set your tarot cards in front of the mirror. Light a stick of copal or myrrh incense and smudge the area. Cast a circle, light the candles, turn on the music and invoke the elements of fire and ice:

“Spirit of the Flame, you who are the passion of the bonfire, you who are transformation, come to me. Light my way into this, the night of the dead, that I might see beyond the veil into myself, into the corners of my psyche.”

“Spirit of the ice, you who are the chill of the mists, you who are illumination and clarity, come to me. Freeze-frame those images which I need to see, on this, the night of the dead, that I might understand and come to self-knowledge.”

Spend a little time in a meditation and lower yourself into trance. Then, take your place in front of the altar. Hold your cards as you look into the mirror at your own image. Keep your eyes focused about an inch above your head in the mirror so that you don’t strain them.

Take three deep breaths and knock three times on your cards. Ask aloud:

“What are the karmic lessons I need to learn in this cycle of growth?” Shuffle three times and remove three cards from the deck, set them face down on the altar.

Again, knock three times and ask:

“What are the strengths which I possess that will aid me in my growth?” Shuffle three times and remove three cards from the deck, place them above the first three.

Once again, knock three times and ask:

“What are the obstacles I face in my current cycle of growth?” Shuffle three times and remove three cards from the deck, place them above the second line of cards.

Knock three times and ask:

“What guidance will aid me in my journey?” Shuffle three times and remove three cards from the deck, place them above the third tier.

Lastly, knock three times and ask:

“What is the overall nature of the energy that I am working with this cycle?” Shuffle three times and remove one card, and place it at top-center of the third tier.

Now set the rest of the deck aside and turn over the cards 1 – 3. Meditate on them. These will show you the lessons you are supposed to learn in this current cycle. Cards 4 – 6 will tell you the strengths that you possess in order to meet the life lessons you are learning. If a card seems negative, you will want to look for ways in which the attributes might be blessings in disguise. Cards 7 – 9 will warn you of obstacles forthcoming, so that you can either avoid them or lessen their impact. Cards 10 – 12 will provide guidance. Card 13 is the summation card, providing a summary of what this cycle is all about.

When you are finished, you may wish to record the reading in your journal or Book of Shadows. Extinguish the candles, thank the elements of fire and ice for being with you, and open your circle. It would be a good idea to watch your dreams carefully over the next few days for messages and omens.

Bright blessings this Samhain, and may you walk between the worlds with caution and with brilliance.

Yasmine Galenorn writes the paranormal Chintz `n China Mystery Series, and the Bath& Beauty Mystery Series (written under the name India Ink), both from Berkley Prime Crime. She is also writing a contemporary fantasy series, The Sisters of the Moon Series, (Penguin Group, coming 2006). She’s written eight nonfiction metaphysical books, (Crossing Press and Llewellyn Publications). She lives in Bellevue, Wash. with her husband, Samwise, and their four cats and can be contacted via her Web site:

This article previously appeared in the Llewellyn 2002 Tarot Calendar.

Freeing Our Spirits and Breaking Our Chains

Freeing Our Spirits and Breaking Our Chains

by Bronwynn Torgerson


Rituals are born in unexpected ways. They may be birthed by dreams remembered, longings unfulfilled or deep conversations with friends. Two weeks before Samhain, it became clear that catharsis was needed. The Great Between of the Samhain season was manifest in our lives as well, and so many of us had entered the place of uneasy inertia. The Scholar, a single mother strapped with bills, wrestled with her yearning for a degree, while questioning if it might be fairer to her kids and the utility company if she quit school and returned to work full time. The Sage confided his fear of the gastric bypass surgery that his doctor was urging him toward. He told me he felt that without it, he might have 10 or 15 more years of life left. I, priestess of many open circles, challenged and stretched thin by the wide spectrum of ability, knowledge and intent of those attending, stood at the crossroads. Should I continue in this format, which was needed in our community, but didn’t quite feed my soul, or should I ask the Goddess for a different way to serve? Others phoned, came by for coffee, poured out their confusion. A pattern emerged. We all were stuck fast, unable to move, bound by our own individual fears, insecurities and “what ifs.” Something had to be done to end the psychic and spiritual paralysis.

This ritual emerged, simple yet powerful. We elected to perform it just before Samhain, while the Parade of Souls was passing by and the aid of our ancestors might be obtained. It might also be performed near the 4th of July, to liberate oneself from overshadowing or restricting conditions.

We found it visually effective to use a descent mechanism into ritual space, lining the passage with candles. Our ceremony took place outdoors, in a park where there were upper and lower armadas and a staircase running between. The psychic effect was eerie and otherworldly. We lowered ourselves into the dark well of the soul, into a hallowed place, not knowing what we might find. It was vitally important that each participant bind his or her own wrists, wrapping the raffia around. No one else had placed us in this situation. No one else could comprehend the complications, hopes and dreads we sought to journey through.

This ritual began in the Southeast sector, signifying that we had pondered the problem, considered our options, and were now ready to actively seek a solution. The blessing incense was placed in the South, so once chains were cast aside, we could take part in an ancient lesson in letting go: Before you can release, you must first bless. Bitter are the lessons sometimes, but wisdom is a teacher and must be acknowledged. Into the void of the chains can come illumination, courage, optimism and openness to support. Hence the guidance of the runes, placed in the West. Finally, in the North, we were strengthened and embraced, honored for our choice to make the journey and reminded that in the hearts of the Lord and Lady, none of us walked alone.

If you emulate this ritual, resolutions will result, unexpected messages will be whispered on the wind. You will find that which bound you fast was an empty thing without power. Your answers may come in the flicker of a burnishing, blessing fire. You may see them in the eyes of a friend, who knows what you’ve been though and journeys with you. The journey and the bonds are uniquely your own. Break your chains and set your spirit free.

As for the results of our own ritual, the Scholar graduated and now has a job she loves. The Sage waited out another year before descending into the nether realm of the operating room. He is now healthy, whole and the love of my life. The Lady walked us, hand in hand, to coordinating Pagan Pride Day events, hosting at a myriad of circles and sowing the seeds of new life.

Ritual Setup

This is a self-releasing, very empowering group ritual that can best be done at waning Moon. You will need: a bundle of raffia and a bell in the east; a bowl with a mixture of fragrant herbs and dried petals to give to seekers in the south; a set of runes which may safely be submerged in spring water in the west; cakes and wine in the north; participants to man the elemental stations and offer elemental invocations; sacred drummers to maintain the heartbeat of the experience; a rattle to pass from hand to hand, in confirmation of blessings already on the way.

Begin the Ritual

People enter through the southern gate, passing by the fire (already lit by this time) and an abalone shell of smoldering sage. As they enter, they sing: “Passing through the fire, we reach the other side. Passing through the fire, Ancients be our guide.”

High priestess (HPS): “Sometimes, it is we who shackle ourselves. Through our fears real or imagined, our uncertainties and doubts take hold. Sometimes our bonds are forged of complacency, inertia or doubts that we are worthy of more. We forget that we are children of the Goddess and the God, and that their love surrounds us. We forget that the universe provides, and that the wise man or woman inside us knows only perfect timing, perfect love and perfect trust. We forget to relinquish what is old and no longer serves a purpose. We fail to reach for what we need, to heed the inner call, and be reborn.”

High priest (HP): “Tonight, at waning Moon, we shed our old skin and break the bonds that we ourselves have fashioned. We will begin by blessing and purifying this place, inviting our watchers, gods and guides to stand witness to our rite of transformation.”

HPS: “Drummers, now become the heartbeat of this place, and all creation. Echo through our blood and bones. Be the calling, that which spurs us on. Be the balance, that which connects us to all life. Be the voice of all unseen.”

Drummers take their places around the four stations. As the drummers decide one by one that their tie of binding and loosening has come, one of the people who has completed their journey, steps up to take the drummer’s place so that the beat is continuous.

Quarter Calls

Air: “In this windswept hallowed space, winged ones come and lend your grace. Bless with vision, heal our hearts; as some things end and some things start. Hail and welcome and blessed be!”

Fire: “Bright ones, burn away all mundane dross, old restrictions, shame or loss. Leave us gleaming, forged anew; strong and bold, strengthened by you. Hail and welcome and blessed be!”

Water: “Ocean’s womb, from whence we came, call to each of us by name. Reveal to us what needs to be; transformation and liberty. Hail and welcome and blessed be!”

Earth: “Mountains of the Mother’s breast, place of comfort, place of rest. In your refuge, let us stand; heart to heart and hand to hand. Hail and welcome and blessed be!”

Goddess Invocation

“Oh, Great Mother, you are the answers sought and found in the darkest hour of night. You are wise woman, friend, eternal companion and guide. We call to you to counsel and to bless! We call to you as witness the breaking of our chains! We call to you to midwife this time of rebirth! O, Great One, we pray you, join us this night. Descend we pray you, into this thy priestess.”

Sung Goddess chant begins: “Ancient Mother, we hear you calling; Ancient Mother, we hear your song. Ancient Mother, we hear your laughter; Ancient Mother, we taste your tears.”

God Invocation

“Oh, Great Father, you are the true friend forever at our side. It is you who teach us which battles are just, when we must speak out for another, when we must reclaim ourselves. You are our teacher and brother and guide. Be the stout staff we lean on; be the unfailing heart, wise head and far-seeing eye. Oh, Great One, we pray you, join us on this night. Descend we pray you into this, thy priest.”

Sung God chant begins: “Ancient Father, we hear you calling; be our counsel, be our guide. Ancient Father, we feel you near us; God of courage, now abide.”

The Circle is Cast

HP and HPS bless the cakes and ale, which are later taken to the northern table.

People join hands one by one, saying, “Separate, but united in our hopes and in our fears, we stand as one people. The circle is cast!” HPS instructs all those present to envision a glowing dome or rainbow light overhead, below and surrounding the sphere in which all stand. A toning may be used to raise protective energy.

When the energy has been raised, HPS turns to the people and says, “Before you lays the journey. In the east, you may contemplate those bonds you have placed upon yourself. What constricts you? What impedes you? Look into the mirror, light incense to carry your prayers on the wind … then take up a length of raffia and wrap it about yourself. It is this and nothing more that holds you back from claiming your true destiny and fulfillment. When you are ready, ring the bell and journey on.”

HP: “Next, approach the southern fire. One who guards the holy hearth stands vigil there, ready to cut the needless cord that binds you to your former self. Cast off your old chains into the fire, gaze into its heart and be reborn. Into the hand that is empty, shall be given blessing…cast your offering to the flames and rejoice that by your choosing, you are free.”

HPS: “Then, approach the Well of Wyrd … in its watery depths, distant and unseen, are runes … a symbol to guide you on your way. Engrave them on your mind and your heart, then cast them to the waters once more.”

HP: “Finally, come full-circle to the healing of the north. Accept the love of the Old Ones, sustenance for the new life ahead, and a message of courage from the God, to speed you on your way.”

When all have completed the journey, together again we shall stand. As the rattle is passed from hand to hand, each may speak what he or she has found courage to claim. We shall bless and affirm, by repeating the blessing each one seeks … for example, “We send you abundance! We send you full health! We send you more pleasing work!”

Priest and priestess undergo the binding and loosening ritual last.

God and Goddess are thanked, elements are dismissed, but watchers are asked to remain until the last guest is safely home again.

Life As The Witch – Full Moon Rituals/Magick

Full Moon Rituals/Magick

The Full Moon each month is particularly potent magickal ally. Some of your best magick can be created under her influence and with her guidance. Although there is only one night every month which the Moon is totally full, a Natural Magician knows that two days before and two days after the Full Moon are also good times for magickal endeavors. Use the following as a guide for your spellcrafting.

January Full Moon – Wolf Moon

Good for…..

Spells involving organization, ambition, career, politics, healing for the knees, bones, teeth, skin.

February Full Moon – Ice Moon

Good for………

Spells involving science, freedom, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions; healing for the calves, ankles, blood.

March Full Moon – Crow Moon

Good for…….

Spells involving music, art, telepathy, dreams, healing for the feet and lymph glands.

April Full Moon – Planter’s Moon

Good for….

Spells involving authority, rebirth, leadership; healing for the face and head.

May Full Moon – Flower Moon

Good for……

Spells involving love, money, acquisition; healing for the throat and neck.

June Full Moon – Strawberry Moon

Good for…..

Spells involving communication, writing, travel; healing for the arms, hands and lungs.

July Full Moon – Blood Moon

Good for…….

Spells involving the home and for honoring lunar gods and goddesses; healing for the chest and stomach

August Full Moon – Corn Moon

Good for…..

Spells involving authority, courage, fertility; healing for the upper back, spine, heart.

September Full Moon – Harvest Moon

Good for……

Spells involving employment, health, diet; healing for the intestines and nervous system

October Full Moon – Hunter’s Moon

Good for………

Spells involving justice, unions, balance (spiritual and otherwise), artistry; healing for the lower back and kidneys

November Full Moon – Snow Moon

Good for……….

Spells involving power, psychic growth, sex; healing for the reproductive organs

December Full Moon – Cold Moon

Good for……….

Spells involving travel, sports, truth, animals; healing for the liver and thighs

It is very likely that you will find different names for each month’s Full Moon, depending on which source and traditions you use. It really makes no difference what you call the Full Moon; these correspondences still apply. And of course, you don’t have to wait for the “correct” Full Moon. These guideline just help add the appropriate Goddess energy to your own natural energies to meet your desires.


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Best Time To Carry Out Spells And Rituals


Best Time To Carry Out Spells and Rituals

If a need is urgent then you can work at any time and picture the full moon or rising dawn whose energies you need, even at a different time of the month or at darkest midnight.

Sometimes the nature of the ritual will dictate the timing. For example, a new beginning spell can be launched on any new date; the first day of the month, the first day of the year, any Sunday, the first day of the week, the first hour after dawn or at the crescent moon when it first appears in the sky. Best of all is the first hour after dawn on a Sunday, which is ruled by the Sun, and so offers a double dose of power for that new beginning.

Your Magickal Spell for Tuesday, July 3rd – Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual


  • A small globe of crystal or clear glass.


Initial Preparation:

The first time you starts this spell and every time you wish to use it for a new special purpose, you have to clear and consecrate the globe of crystal/glass by holding it up to the light of the Full Moon, so that the lunar image is caught therein.


After this has been performed, the globe may be used as a charm to procure the secret wish of the owner.  On the night of each New Moon, hold the sphere in the left palm, by candlelight, gaze upon it, and chant:

Crescent be full and crystal fill: Thus my eye and thus my will: Fiat Voluntus Abdita! Fiat Voluntus Abdita!! Fiat Voluntus Abdita!!!


The globe should then be kept in a small bag of leather inscribed with figures of the Moon’s phases, and worn about the neck during those days and nights between the crescent and the full.  While it is not being worn, the globe should be wrapped in a black cloth and hidden away.

Your Magickal Spell for Sunday, July 1 – Drawing Down The Moon

Since there is a Full Moon on July 3rd this month, I figured this spell would be perfect. Look for more Full Moon Spells to come in the next couple of days!

Drawing Down The Moon

This ritual is a common one among Witches and Wiccans and should be part of any practitioners repertoire as well. It is a way of drawing  Moon energy into yourself and connecting with the divine. There are as many ways to perform this ritual as there are practitioners. Here is one way:
Go outside during a Full Moon and stand or sit quietly for a few minutes until you feel the Moon energy vibrating all around  you. You might want to place a mirror in front of you to reflect the moonlight, but it isn’t required. Welcome the Goddess into your Spirit and say  something like the following:
Mother Moon both strong and bright
Fill me up with Goddess light.
When you feel full of the Moon’s power, the ritual is complete.


The Lesser Banishing Pentagram Can Be Used To Cleanse A Working Area When
Preparing, Or To Close A Spell Or Ritual Down. Be sure that all energies are
removed from the area. The LBR can also be written in before the opening and at
the closing. The LBR should definitely be incorporated in the following

There has been an argument or an extremely emotional outburst in the same room
you are working in within the last 24 hours.

There are guests attending that you have never met before.

One of your guests occasionally follows the left hand path (they could be
dragging something along with them).

The group contains possible inflammatory personalities.

Whenever you sense negative energies or the presence of hostility.

All Rituals Should Invoke A Deity. If other forces are invoked as well, always
invoke the deity first (this does not apply to calling the quarters). Elemental
energies should normally be invoked last (they are most likely the lowest form you will ever use). If calling elemental forces, always call on the Kings of the
Elementals before the elementals themselves.

Don’t Overkill In A Ritual/Spell. Figure out the ritual/spells purpose and build
slowly, incorporating all necessary items. Recheck your work. Add only a few
asides if necessary. Do not include overly long passages, poems, etc. No one
likes to stand around for forty-five minutes listening to a droning recitation.

Make Sure the Ritual Officers Are Not The Only Ones Doing The Work. At the very
least, every one should be joining in responses (such as so mote it be’ or ‘hail
and farewell’). Group participation can also be called upon at the calling of a
quarter. The group minds works together better if everyone is included at some

Never Put Anything In A Ritual/Spell That You Do Not Understand. For example, if
you have never worked with elementals and don’t know how to address them or what
they are to do, don’t throw them in because it makes the ritual/spell look
elaborate. If invocations or other passages are in foreign tongue, don’t use
them because they sound cool. First, you must know exactly what you are saying.
Second, you must know how to say it. Often passages are important for their
tonal quality as well as their meaning.

Outline A Ritual/Spell Before You Write It, whether it is short or complex. You
do not want to miss any steps.

Make Sure You Know What Sort Of Energies and Step Elements Your Ritual/Spell
Needs For The Purpose You Have In Mind. You wouldn’t be dealing with ghosts at
Beltane. Keep the elements, steps, and goal in mind when writing rituals/spells.
You should have several source books from which to work. The best rituals/spells
are those you write yourself, or those the group mind has written for your
Tradition. However, in the past, groups and covens have dissolved out of sheer
boredom. Don’t let this happen to your group. Keep it interesting and keep it

Major Rituals And Most Minor Works Should Have A High Point Or Climax Of Some
Sort. Ritual is dramatic vehicle and the intent of the participants is
strengthened by the excitement. The climax of the ritual should coincide with
something goal related to the group, the deity, or the season. If your ritual is
casting a spell, the climax of the ritual is the body of the spell, the rest of
the ritual should revolve around it. At Yule, the climax is the Goddess giving
birth to the new Son/Sun. Everything in ritual should revolve around a
particular theme.

Make Sure That The Words And Gestures Of The Ritual Suit Each Other. For
example, you wouldn’t cast a spell for Universal Love with a sword, or display
fruits or harvest props at a Yule ritual. Choose the correct incense, candle
colors, etc. These are as important as the invocation, which should be
especially designed for the ritual/spell.

Be Able To Recite Your Altar Devotion, Circle Casting, And Quarter Calls In Your
Sleep. Even if you mess up the rest of the ritual/spell or stumble somewhere

Try Not To Throw Rituals/Spells Together If You Can Help It. Good planning leads
to a great ritual. However, be prepared for missing people, upsets of various
kinds, missing notes, forgotten lines, etc. Humans are not perfect and errors
will occur. Do not act like it is the end of the world if a glitch nuzzles its
way into the ritual. A good high priest or high priestess can overcome all
difficulties without emotion.

Choose Your Quarter People And Other Players Wisely. Don’t always let the
experienced people do it. Make sure everyone in the group has several chances to
fill these positions. It is the only way they can learn. When you are teaching
someone else, or an entire group, learn when to step back and allow them to
perform, even if it is your favorite thing to do. When Overseeing A
Ritual/Spell, Learn When To Let Your Student Sink Or Swim. Sometimes the only
way you can tell if they are learning is to let them make mistakes. Likewise,
learn when to step in without being a know it all. When Overseeing A
Ritual/Spell, Learn When To Let Your Student Sink Or Swim. When Overseeing A
Ritual/Spell, Learn When To Let Your Student Sink Or Swim.

If You Are Working With A Mixed Group (Yes, Boys and Girls) Try To Keep The
Ritual/Spell In Balance As Much As Possible. However it is okay to design a
ritual/spell where only the three faces of the Goddess, or the three faces of
the God, are the focal point. This will keep your rituals/spells interesting and
refreshing. Just don’t do it all the time.

Do Not Throw Your Degree Around In Rituals. In home rituals (seat of the coven)
do not delineate with unusual garb between degrees and do not relegate them to
special quarters.

When Attending Someone Elses Rituals/Spells Do Not Tell The Host How Bad Their
Ritual/Spell Was. Neither should you give it a rave review, then pick apart the
finer points. This is very bad breeding. They went to a great deal of trouble to
have you as a guest. Don’t consider yourself the most important person there,
because you are not. If you think they did a good job, say so. If you think you
could have done better, thats your business, but do not share this opinion on
your host. If you do, you’ve just put yourself beneath anything they could have
done wrong. If you are attending one of your own students rituals, likewise say
nothing that evening. Later, when the rush is over, you can go over the ritual,
step by step, and work out any bugs.

From 1996 Lwellyn Magical Almanac, by MaraKay Rogers and Silver Ravenwolf, page

An Air Ritual For Calling the Wind

An Air Ritual For Calling the Wind

The first step to working with the Elements is remembering what it felt like in the past when you encountered that Element. Remember and focus on as many details as you can. What did the wind feel like on your skin? Was your hair tousled? What smell was in the air? Did the wind whistle or howl? As much as you can, relive the experience in your mind. This puts out to the Cosmos that you are ready for this experience. You are open.

Practice going through your day noticing what the wind and the air around you feel like. In the evening, try to recall as much of the experience as you can. This is like an ongoing meditation. The more you do this, the easier it will become to call up the Wind. You are focused.

The first few times you call up the Wind, do it alone. Company can distract you from your magick. Also, these things take practice and your first few attempts might not put you in the Witches’ Hall of Fame, it’s between you and the Wind.

Go to an open place outdoors. Higher ground is better. Use an athame, if you have one – or your extended arm, if you don’t – and draw a magick circle around yourself to mark you sacred space. Open to the experience of the Wind moving around you. Focus your mind and bring up images of more Wind blowing all around you.

Try to incorporate as many senses as possible when you remember wind and visualize Wind. Now reach down and pick up a handful of dust or grass. Holding your arm out to your side and slightly above eye level, slowly let your hand’s contents filter through your fingers. Watch the air between your hand and the earth catch the offering. You may want to quietly chant, “I call the wind. I call the air. I call the mother’s breath.”  Now concentrate hard on experiencing wind. Focus as hard as you can. Hold the feeling for several minutes, and then stop. Clear your mind of your wind images completely. Wait for the breeze to pick up and the wind to answer your call. Be confident.

A Self Dedication Ritual

A Self Dedication Ritual


When you decide that you want to do a self-dedication,
plan the date of the ritual at least a month in
advance, choosing a suitable time, perhaps consulting
astrological tables, or at least the phases of the
moon. It is best done on a waxing or full moon.

Start your preparation at the new moon. Make sure that
you have a day off work for the initiation itself. You
may already have decided on a magickal or witch name.
If you haven’t yet decided on your witch name, find
one through meditation and pathworking in the daily
ritual leading up to the rite of self-initiation.

Begin preparing for the self-initiation by performing
a daily ritual. Start by creating a sacred space.
Purify the area with incense and sprinkling salt
water. Visualize a sphere around yourself, and call on
the powers of the four quarters, visualizing the
elemental landscapes. (more…circle casting)

Call on the Goddess and the God, by whatever names you
prefer to call them. Declare to the Elements, the
Goddess and the God that you are embarking on the path
of dedication, and ask for their help in preparing

Spend some time in meditation on the meaning of
dedication, and opening yourself up for any messages
from the Goddess and God. Thank and say farewell to
the Goddess, God, and Elements, and close the circle.

Closer to the time

Try and spend time every day in the week leading up to
the self-dedication rite working out your vows and
meditating. Make sure that the vows you make are
realistic! It is better to make less demanding vows
than to make highly demanding vows and not live up to

The Ritual

Spend the day in quiet meditation and fasting. Drink
only pure water, or if you really cannot do this,
allow yourself a small quantity of apple or grape
juice. Do not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs! If
you are on prescribed medication, consult your doctor.
If the medication is short term, wait until you have
finished the course of medication before doing the

If possible, go to a sacred site or wild place and
attune yourself with nature. Communicate with the
nature spirits, and ask for their blessings.

Think about the vows that you wish to make in your
initiation. Think of a vow to yourself, one to the
Goddess and God, and one to the Earth.

Before you start the ritual, have a purification bath.
You may put essential oils, herbs or sea salt in the
bath. Whilst in the bath, meditate on purifying your
aura. See your aura as grey and dirty, but gradually
becoming lighter and cleaner, until it is brilliant.

When you emerge from the bath, allow yourself to dry
naturally. Do not use a hair dryer, or rub yourself
with towels. Rub your entire body with oil. This may
be olive oil, grapeseed oil, or other vegetable oil,
scented with pure essential oils of your choice.
Perform the ritual skyclad if possible.

Have an altar set up, with an altar cloth on it, with
a chalice of wine, a piece of bread or cake on a
platter, a censer, two altar candles, some anointing
oil, your athame or other tool, any ritual jewellery
which will be put on at the end of the ritual to mark
your dedication, and two small dishes containing sea
salt and water (from a spring or sacred well if
possible). You may also wish to have images or statues
of the Goddess and God on the altar.

Light the candles and the incense, and purify your
ritual space. Hold your hands over the water dish and
“I purify you, Oh water, in the blessed and mighty
names of the Goddess and God”,
visualizing it glowing with white light. Do likewise
with the salt, then tip some of the salt into the
water, and mix it in with your forefinger.

Sprinkle the salt water around your ritual space.
Visualize a circle around you. (or cast a circle in
your usual way) Call on the elements, then on the
Goddess and God.

Declare your intent, saying something like: “I
(ordinary name) am prepared for dedication. I have
followed the path and fulfilled my vows, and I now
call upon the Goddess and the God to confer on me
wisdom and integrity. I ask for the blessings of air,
fire, water and earth”.

Spend some time in meditation, and controlled
breathing to gather energy and achieve an altered
state of consciousness. You may also wish to use a
mantra or chant.

Meditate for a while on finding the stillness inside
yourself. When you are ready, stand before the altar,
and anoint yourself first with oil, then with salt
water and lastly wine, saying:
“I am reborn into my true and magickal self, and I
take on the name of (Witch name). I ask for the
blessings of the Goddess and God on my endeavours, and
I vow (make your vows)”.

When anointing yourself you may wish to anoint your
chakras, or anoint yourself with a circle, pentagram,
or personal symbol. It is good to write down your vows
in your magickal diary, and sign the entry with your
witch name.

Present yourself to the quarters, stating that you are
now dedicated to the solitary path. Consecrate your
ritual jewellery with the four elements (incense,
water, salt and candle flame), and anoint it with oil
for spirit before putting it on.

Consecrate your athame or other tool in the same
manner, then hold it to your heart, feeling a link
with it, and filling it with your energy. Say
“I am a child of earth and starry heaven.”

Hold it up to the moon and stars, and ask for the
blessings of the cosmos on it, then touch it to the
ground, and ask for the blessings of mother earth.

Lastly, consecrate the wine and cake by touching your
athame to them, and channelling energy through it.
Drink and eat, earthing yourself, then thank the
Goddess, God and Elements, and close the circle.

Remember: Write up your experiences in your magickal
diary. Refrain from ritual for at least the next week,
whilst you integrate the work.