Your Magickal Spell for Sunday, July 1 – Drawing Down The Moon

Since there is a Full Moon on July 3rd this month, I figured this spell would be perfect. Look for more Full Moon Spells to come in the next couple of days!

Drawing Down The Moon

This ritual is a common one among Witches and Wiccans and should be part of any practitioners repertoire as well. It is a way of drawing  Moon energy into yourself and connecting with the divine. There are as many ways to perform this ritual as there are practitioners. Here is one way:
Go outside during a Full Moon and stand or sit quietly for a few minutes until you feel the Moon energy vibrating all around  you. You might want to place a mirror in front of you to reflect the moonlight, but it isn’t required. Welcome the Goddess into your Spirit and say  something like the following:
Mother Moon both strong and bright
Fill me up with Goddess light.
When you feel full of the Moon’s power, the ritual is complete.