Pagan Serenity Prayer



Pagan Serenity Prayer

Goddess grant me:
The power of Water,
to accept with ease &
grace what I cannot change.
The power of Fire,
for the energy & courage
to change the things I can.
The power of Air,
for the ability to know the
And the power of Earth,
for the strength to
continue my path.

A Prayer To A Gentle Lady

Goddess Comments & Graphics


The bright blue of the sky

is Her eyes in the morning.

The sunshine, Her love glowing

in the morning’s birth.

The soft calling of birds

is Her singing to Her people.

The breeze, Her arms embracing the world.

Gentle Lady,

Watch over me as I find my path in life.

Guide my steps. Bring me to the end of

the day fulfilled.

Keep those I love safe. Goddess,

be at the side of those who need you.

And may they always be worthy of your devotion.

So Mote It Be


~Magickal Graphics~