Witchcraft 101: Introduction


Women and Men, who come to the Craft from either a non-spiritual or other spiritual path, find themselves in front of the Goddess for a wide range of highly personal and life changing circumstances.

It is to these persons whom I am going to speak to in this first lesson, of which I will go over some basics.

Witchcraft (Or Wicca) is the study of forces and spiritual truths applied to daily life and observances of natural rhythms that ebb and flow in our lives. As you begin your practice, you will become much more attuned, aware, participate and work with the forces that touch and interplay with all of our lives…

Forces that many who live only in the material world are only dimly aware of, or which are ignored altogether.

Some will disagree with the characterization I give for the definitions, and these are as varied in number and content, as there are stars in the heavens.

This lesson does not intend to offer a scholarly interpretation of the myriad differences of definition of terms and opinions in the Craft. Instead, the intent is to show the initiate to the first of many doors. The explanation for the initiate that all is not as it seems, but there are large areas of agreement and truths that do tend to hold across the world of the Craft…

Just know that the Craft resides primarily in your heart. You will *know* you are attracted to the path, and if it is for you or not. If there is any one truth I have learned in my time doing this, it is this simple fact.

To thy own self, be true… If you are not being honest with yourself for the reasons you want to call yourself Witch, then you probably are in the wrong spiritual system…