Unlocking Your Intuitive Power

Unlocking Your Intuitive Power

  • Annie B. Bond

We all have the gift of intuition, it is just different for each of us. No matter which type of intuition we are innately strongest in (visual cues? gut feelings? etc.) we can work to recognize it more readily, and to strengthen it by following specific exercises. To this end, Laura Alden Kamm’s six CD set Unlocking Your Intuitive Power about how to read the energy of anything, is a huge help. Here is how she introduces the CDs:

What is Intuition?
Intuition is a sudden insight without any reasoning or analysis. It is quick, fleeting, rhythmic, and displays non-emotional, non-judgmental qualities. Intuition does not always present information in a way similar to a Hollywood movie; in clear words and pictures. It can work this way, but typically, intuition is subtle and sublime.

Everyone has intuition. Yours comes through you in a way that is unique to you. Your intuition may present information in the form of visual imagery, auditory information, or simply strong feelings and insights. Everyone has their own path, so comparing skill levels and intuitive styles is not an effective use of your time or energy.

Your life’s calling is unique to you. Everyone shines in their life at some point in time, and it may not be witnessed by others. To be happy in life you must be willing to honor the skills, gifts, and talents within your heart. We must travel toward the destination to which we are called. Go where you are inspired and anointed. Trying to do what is not your anointing will simply cause more suffering.

Above all, you must learn to trust your insight. Trust your intuition–always. It will eventually relieve suffering from your life.

Everyone’s intuition is different, just as everyone’s path is different. However, in my 25 years of experience working as an intuitive, I’ve discovered that there are key techniques and ideas helpful for everyone.

1. As you learn and practice your intuitive skills, focus reading the energy of emotions first. They are the simplest to discern. The ability to read other types of energy will develop in time. Emotions are the easiest energy to intuitively assess, not only within a human, but within an animal or even a plant. Start your practice here. If you have a gifted skill in medical intuition, you will naturally be led into the inner depth of the body’s tissues, cells, and other bio-mechanical structures. Trust your personal path and process. Not everyone is cut out to delve into people’s pain or disease structures day in and day out, which is the case when working as a medical intuitive.

2. Always incorporate some form of grounding and centering prior to, during, and after an intuitive reading. You can never go wrong with deep breathing.

3. At some point in your practice, it’s likely that you’ll get discouraged or question your own abilities. You may hear an inner voice offering judgment, criticism, and disempowerment. Realize that this voice is only the mind–it isn’t your intuition speaking to you. Understand the qualities of this inner voice, which sabotages your happiness and self-esteem. There is always emotion attached to this voice. When your intuition is speaking, the information it offers will be free of emotion. You can always trust your intuition, because energy never lies.

4. Seek intentional spiritual growth. Know the motives behind your desires for a spiritual path. If your quest is toward anything other than the sacred self, God, and the empowerment to exist in the light of one’s soul-filled mission, seek deeply within for hidden agendas. One must ask, “Why develop the spiritual self and its attributes, such as the higher intuitive mind?”

5. Stay centered in your purpose and do not dress up your intuitive skills to be anything other than what they are. You are important simply because you exist.

6. Always take the necessary action based on the intuition you receive. Your intuition and connection to it will become stronger each time you respond with action, which demonstrates that you trust your path. You will continue forward with your life’s purpose-one step at a time.

7. Try to meditate at least ten minutes everyday. Twenty to 60 minutes is preferred. If you don’t have time to sit, then walk, empty the dishwasher, garden, work, speak, or move mindfully. Remember, mindfulness meditation is the context–the foundation–of your intuitive development skill.

Adapted from Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, a six-CD set by Lauren Alden Kamm, from Sounds True (2007).