Before choosing a tonic for yourself or a loved one, allow yourself to attune to the needs of the recipient. First, choose a tonic that most suits the  symptom.

Is the symptom acute or chronic and recurring? Acute symptoms need quick-acting, bitter, sedating, or cooling tonics. Chronic, recurring symptoms require warming and nurturing herbs. Roots and barks often have nurturing qualities. Leaves and flowers are cooling and can reduce the vitality of one with chronic, symptoms if used without building roots and soothing barks. Plan a tonic with long-term results for long-term or recurring problems. Stimulating herbs and spices may be used sparingly to allow the system to accept their warmth. Long-term and heavy detoxification is not recommended for chronic disease.

Choose herbs that support the personality and awareness of the recipient. It is normal to have emotional manifestations when the body’s chemistry is not in balance. If the individual is displaying anger, choose herbs that will not overstimulate or heat up their system, such as spearmint or chamomile. Do not choose a heating root like ginseng in the combination. If the individual is weepy, choose herbs that promote diuresis. When the kidneys flush they will move out excess fluids and metabolic wastes. Use the tonic long enough to achieve the desired effect. Longer duration is only acceptable for longevity tonics recommended by an experienced practitioner. If someone tells you “it’s natural, it can’t hurt you,” run home and make a tension-reliever tea. You probably know more about herbs and have been blessed with greater common sense.

Become acquainted with as many herbs as you can grow organically or obtain locally. It is better to be well-acquainted with a few herbs than to know little about many. When in doubt, use local compresses, external applications, and aromasignatures before ingesting a questionable tonic.

Hearsay and what works for your neighbor is not the safest way to choose a tonic. We wouldn’t think of sharing a prescription drug. Make sure you use tonics as a good and not a drug. Each individual has a body that knows how to heal itself. Give yourself that chance as you enjoy the rapport you will experience from growing organic herbs and cooking a tonic as an elixir for radiate health.

Mother Nature’s Chinese Tea Blends

  • Add 1 teaspoon of chopped lemon grass for every cup of Chinese tea.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of spearmint or peppermint for every cup of Chinese tea. Chocolate mint combines very well with Chinese black teas.

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of dried lemon verbena leaves to every cup of green tea.

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of fresh honeysuckle flowers to every cup of green tea.

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of fresh or dried chamomile flowers to every cup of green tea.

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of chopped lavender flowers to every cup of green or black tea.

How to Brew Tea

Tea has been cultivated in China since AD 500. Today, there are over two-hundred varieties made from green or black tea. Green tea is unfermented. Tender green leaves are picked from the top of the bush and dried. Black tea, allowed to dry on the bush, is gathered, dried, and fermented. The flavor is strong and full. The Chinese refer to it as red-tea because it looks red after it is brewed. Oolong tea is only partly dried and fermented, producing a rich pungent, tea and served after dinner. Only the Cantonese serve tea during meals. Scented teas are balanced with flowers. They are served between meals and at special occasions. The most popular flowers are jasmine, rose petal, and Chinese chrysanthemum. The tea-plant itself is a species of the camellia family.

Freshly brewed tea is clear and has a fragrant bouquet. Bew tea, in porcelain or glass, as metal containers change the flavor. Alway boil the water, then pour it over the tea leaves and allow it to steep up to five minutes in a covered teapot. For each cup of water, add a half teaspoon of tea leaves. A second infusion can be brewed from Chinese tease (the Chinese believe the second infusion is the best). The benefits of tea drinking are perhaps best said in this traditional Chinese tea drinking song:

Tea in the morning stimulates thinking, revives one’s spirit.
Tea after meals clears the throat, helps digestion.
Tea during the day quenches thirst, does away with frustration.
Tea after work soothese the muscles, melts away fatigue.

I’m sorry about yesterday

I am sorry about yesterday’s postings. I had to take my hubby to the doctor. I can get sick and curl up and die, do you think he goes to the doctor with me??? HA! Heck, no! Anyway, back to the over grown baby, everything is fine. It was a follow-up exam from where he had his wreck. Now next month, we need to go back to the neurologist and see him.

I don’t talk much about his wreck because I haven’t found the right words to describe exactly how I feel. I had an Explorer and also worked at my family’s garage at the time. When there was a spare minute, we would work on the Explorer and it was tricked out. Sharp, sharp SUV! The morning of hubby’s wreck, we had swapped vehicles. My hubby was stopped at a stop sign and this idiot came flying down the road doing about 70 mph. He swerved and hit my husband in the front end of the Explorer.  He hit it so hard that the Explorer whipped around and got hit again in the ass end. In the meantime while the whipping was going on my husband was throwed from the SUV and bounced about 100 ft. down the road. They took him to a local hospital then he was taken to an out-of-state hospital that was supposed to take care of spinal injuries. That place was a laugh. I told my family, don’t never airlift me anywhere, just let me die and I’m dead serious, lol! When we got to the hospital’s trauma unit, it was like a bunch of monkeys running around. I expected Tarzan or Jane to come through any minute and corral them. My daughter is a beautiful and I am not saying that just because I am her mother, she actually is. One of the interns kept running in and out. “Did we need anything, the doctor will be in a minute, the doctor hasn’t come in yet, let me check on him!” He was flirting with my daughter. I finally told her to take him to the broom closet and beat the crap out of him or else I was going to choke him. Then finally we had the doctor over the trauma unit show up. He wasn’t for sure if hubby didn’t have a fracture on one of his discs in his neck.  He would have to look at the X-Rays again. In the meantime, here comes this other doctor and told us, hubby was fine. They where going to keep him overnight for observation and if everything was ok in the morning, we could take him home. The next day, we got to bring him. Now fast forward, we had been going down to Nashville for four months seeing supposedly this great brain about hubby’s neck. We went back to the exam rooms, the doctor came in and looked at the X-Rays. Hubby told him he was still hurting. Well this brain of a doctor told us “this isn’t my field of expertise.” I shot straight through the roof. When we got back to town, I made him an appointment with my neurologist. He was wearing a seatbelt during the wreck put the impact broke the part that is on the body of the SUV away from its foundation. The Explorer was almost bent into.  But the seat belt pushed one of his bones up in his shoulder and he has a knot on the top of his shoulder that sticks up. We have been to every doctor in the country and there is nothing anyone can do for it.  So I took him to my doctor and at least he has been able to help with the pain. But the wreck is a very sore spot. We were or should I say I was lied to like a dog. The man who hit my husband knew someone where my husband worked. They spread around this rumor, that this man’s wife came down and sit with my husband while he was out in the road and oh, yeah, she’s a RN.  Well come to find out, my son works with one of the First Responders out here. The Responder was talking one day about this man they had picked up on a certain road. He said the man was covered in blood and they didn’t look for him to make it to the hospital. My son asked them the name of the man and sure enough it was my hubby. My son told him there was supposed to be a nurse there with his father. The Responder told him there was no one there except another man and he was the one involved in the wreck. All right, that’s lie number 1.  Lie number 2, the other driver told the cops that my husband came barreling out of the stop sign, in fact, he never even stopped. Bullsh*t! My husband is lucky to get up to 45 mph and then he considers that driving too fast.  Anyone that knows him, knows he drives as slow as a turtle. But the whole wreck was just a bad situation. I told my husband I was really proud of myself for the way I acted. I was very calm, cool and collected. When I got to the hospital, the police rushed me back to his stall. Hubby was laying flat on the table. I walked up to him to talk to him. What I saw laying on the table surrounding his head, I almost lost it. But I didn’t. I have tried to describe it to hubby and the only thing I can think of that comes remotely close to what I saw was chicken livers. It looked like someone had taken a pint of chicken livers and dumped around his head. First thought, it was his brains’. The orderly never explained what it was, he just went back to stapling hubby’s head together.

I am beginning to think that hubby and I get off on seeing who can scare the crap out of the other the most. I had a ruptured appendix when I was six months pregnant. But we will save that tale for another day. I am sorry again for not getting any posting done. I will try to make it up today. Have a Blessed One!