Meditation Thought for 3/23

Wednesday 23 March 2011

You must act only for this day and this hour,
because tomorrow is unfixed
and difficult to know.
You must meditate without wasting time,
thinking that there is only this day
and this hour.
After that it becomes truly easy.



White Magick, Black Magick

Magick, is, in essence, the use of energy for a variety of purposes. Energy is neutral. What isn’t neutral, however, is the intent of the person casting the spell, and this is where the misunderstanding of calling magick “black” or “white” arises. Generally, if the spellcaster seeks to cause damage or perform a malicious act, then it’s referred to as “black magick.” If the spellcaster seeks to do good work and benefit themselves or others, this is seen as “white magick.” In reality, it’s a lot more complex than this simple dichotomy, good versus bad and the importance of employing an ethical system in conjunction with spellcasting. The point is that magick is neutral. A common illustration is the use of a tool such as a knife. The knife itself is a neutral object. However, it may be used to cut someone’s throat, to cut up vegetables to feed a family, or to slice through the bonds holding someone prisoner. The knife isn’t good or bad: what you choose to do with it determines its value within the content of a situation.

As a rule, the energy you will use in spellcraft is neutral. It is true, however, that if it has at some time been programmed with a strong intent, energy can sometimes retain the echo of that original purpose. People visiting various monuments or historical sites often comment on a certain feeling that seems to be perpetuated or generated by the location itself. Energy in the form of strong emotion has soaked into that area, creating a permanent echo of the of the original event. Take, for example, the islands used as quarantine containment areas off the coast of Australia. As each ship of settlers arrived, a doctor inspected the passsengers, and if anyone was deemed a health threat, then the entire load of passengers was exported to one of these islands. Close quarters ensured that whoever wasn’t sick would become ill through contact with those  who were, resulting in a pervasive feeling of dread and despondency throughout the quarantined community. Visitors to these islands today remark on the feelings of despair, fear, and resignation that the islands possess, even though their original purpose of isolating immigrants has long passed.

These echoes of strong energy can remain for years, and sometimes give rise to the belief that a place or an object is “haunted.” However, the majority of energy that a spellcaster will encounter and work with throughout his or her practice is neutral, and safe to use in spells to improve one’s life.