Blessing Oil #2

Blessing Oil

Frankincense Tears

Benzoin Gum, crushed

Essential Oil of Frankincense

Essential Oil of Benzoin

Rose scent, which can be one or more of these: Essential Oil of Roses (Rose Otto) Essential Oil of Rose Geranium Rose Fragrance (synthetic) Rose Petals

       Top with carrier oil (e.g. almond oil which has been dosed with Vitamin E) You can also add Vitamin E oil for the same purpose. I use a “glurp” of same to each gallon of almond oil and mix well.


Black Arts Oil

Black Arts Oil

        There are many recipes for Black Arts Oil. Here’s a quick one: half a dropper essential oil of patchouli half a dropper essential oil of black pepper a pinch of valerian root a pinch of black poodle dog hair a pinch of black mustard seeds a pinch of spanish moss a pinch of mullein a pinch of powdered sulphur nine whole black peppercorns Blend into one half-ounce carrier oil such as almond. Colour dark brown.

Aphrodisia Oil #1

Aphrodisia Oil

            To make sexually stimulating oil for men, add five drops of rosemary oil, five drops of patchouli oil, ten drops of yohimbe extract, and a pinch of powered ginseng root to two teaspoons of sesame oil. (Note: Yohimbe extract and ginseng can be found in most health food stores and mail-order catalogs.)

        Use this oil to anoint candles and poppets used in lust inducing spells, or gently warm by rubbing it between the palms of your hands and use it as a erotic massage oil for the male genital area as well as for the entire body. To make an aphrodisia oil for woman, follow the directions given above; however, substitute for the yohimbe and ginseng a pinch each of saffron and powered dong quai(an Oriental herb long valued as a female tonic). Use in the same manner as the male version of the oil.

Jasmine Bewitchment Oil

Jasmine Bewitchment Oil

 The essential oil extracted from the moon ruled jasmine flower is rare and often quite expensive to purchase. However, the good news is that modern Witches can easily and inexpensively create their own jasmine oil for spell work by following these simple directions :

        Soak one dozen fresh jasmine flowers in an ounce of heated sesame oil. After the oil has cooled completely, strain it into a clear glass bottle and cap tightly. This is an excellent oil for anointing poppets and candles used in the art of love magic, especially if it is a spiritual love that you wish to bring into your life. It can also be used in various money-attracting spells or used at bedtime as a magickal massage oil to induce sleep and to conjure forth with vivid dreams of prophetic nature.

Attraction Oil

Attraction Oil


Lovage Root Chips (For Love)

Cinnamon Chips(For Money)

Lemon Peel, grated

Essential Oil of Sweet Orange

Essential Oil of Lemon

Piece of Lodestone

Piece of Pyrite

Top with Carrier Oil

        Mix equal parts of Love herbs, grated lemon peel or lemon flowers. A small piece of lodestone