It Is Finally Thursday! Yahoo, Happy Thursday, dear friends!

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Good morning, my lovelies! I hope everyone has a terrific Thursday today! This is the second time, I have sat down to do this. I figured I would have peace and quiet. Boy, was I wrong! Everyone (hubby and critters) are asleep except for Razzy (wildcat). She is wound up like a tornado. Hopefully now, she is calm down and I can get something done.

I have been getting up at 3 a.m., for I don’t know how long now. I know some of you are probably wondering how I ever get anything done. I am blogging all the time. When I get up at 3, I clean or pick up the house (whatever needs to be done). Then I watch the morning news and take my medication for my back. It generally knocks me out for a few hours. Then I am blogging away. Right now, this blog is about the only thing I actually enjoy doing. I enjoy doing it because I love the Goddess and I am doing Her work. Also we are totally broke and I have no money to do anything. So I stay at home the biggest part of the time. And why sit and twiddle my thumbs, when I love this!

At one time in my life, I had my future planned out. It was going to be a beautiful future too. My husband worked at a local plant and he made good money. He had went out and surprised me with a new truck. The reason being, I had an Explorer that we had decked out. It was a sharp Explorer but my husband hated it. He had his mind made up I was going to get killed in it. So he bought me the new truck.  One morning, his work truck needed the exhaust system fixed. This is when I was working at the family’s auto repair garage. I was going to take it to the garage that day and get it fixed. I never made it to the garage that day. I got a phone call from the hospital at 7 in the morning. My husband had been involved in a serious wreck and he was driving my Explorer. I didn’t care about the car but I was crazy worrying about hubby. I flew to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, I had the radio on and they announced the wreck on radio. Used my husband’s name and everything, even included he was seriously injured. I liked to have died.  When I got to the hospital, he was laying on a stretcher with his head busted all to pieces. He had a huge hole in his head from the front of his head all the way to the crown. All around his head was this goop, I thought it was his brains. This stuff looked like chicken liver. I never seen anything like it. He thought he was dying. He started telling me where this was and what I needed to do. I told him to shut up, he wasn’t fixing to die. About six doctors came into exam him and I had to step out. Outside was a sheriff’s deputy and he wanted to talk to me about the wreck. He told me that my Explorer was hit so hard that the door hinges broke and my husband was throwed from it. He bounced about 150 feet down a concrete road on his head. They found hubby laying out in the middle of the road. The idiot driving the other truck was going so fast, he had hit our truck twice. So the Explorer was totalled to say the least. When the doctors called me back in, they had decided to airlift my husband to a major hospital in Nashville. This scared me to death, I felt my strong will crumble. I thought he might die. The attendants in the copter kept telling me, he was going to make it. Don’t worry. So he stayed at the hospital in Nashville for a day or two. My husband got pissed because he was in the ICU unit and we couldn’t stay with him. So I think he raised so much hell that he got threw out. So he came home and it took him 8 months to recover from the wreck. The savings I had saved up went. We had to eat and keep place to live. I also had my new truck repossessed. I tried to kill those SOB’s. We weren’t even 90 days behind in the payments but they took it anyway.

So after I regained my senses from that, my husband went back to work for about a year. I tried to start my savings again but that was a laugh. I had to catch everything up that was behind. But hubby was saving money for his retirement were we could go and travel. Well he got laid off last January. He reassured me everything would be fine. He would draw the highest amount of unemployment you could draw. Well that turned out to be true for about 6 months. We went from $489 a week to $116 a week. Talking about a culture shock, I had a bad one. I just threw my arms up in the air and asked the Universe why me? What little money I had saved up, went in a heart beat.  We almost ran through all the money he had saved up too. So he decided since there wasn’t any work, he would retire. We drew his first pension check this January. But we are back at square one, trying to catch up on everything that was behind. I have lived like this the whole time I have been married to him. He has always worked construction. In construction, the money is good but the work is never steady. You get money saved up and just as you think everything is going to be fine, he is laid off. You have to start living off of what you have saved up. A never-ending vicious cycle. So we are broke again.

I am not telling you this because I want your pity. I am telling you this because I want you to understand why I am blogging all the time. Hell, I would like to live the dream I had when hubby retired. I had thought we could travel and go places and see things. He has started saving money again but we probably won’t never be back to where we were. But perhaps, we might be able to go to Nashville or Louisville for the weekend, some day. I got a laptop so I am ready to go. See you would never even miss me.

I have just put my faith in the Goddess. I keep telling Her, I would just love to go and do something before I die. Perhaps one day, I can tell you I am sitting on the beach in Florida, catching some rays! Yeah right, I am a red-head. You know what happens to red-heads in the sun. We cook!

Anyway I have to run for now and get to work. I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

Goddess Bless You,

Lady A


Good Tuesday Afternoon To You All!

I couldn’t resist this picture. This wolf looks just exactly like my wolf-hybrid I had to have put to sleep two years ago. That nearly killed me, I had panic attack after panic attack in the clinic. I didn’t want to let her go for nothing but she was in pain and I couldn’t stand to see her suffer anymore. But to this day, I still love her with all my heart.

I got to thinking about wolves and dogs because it is 100 degrees outside. My Pomeranian is stretched out all over the bed. I take her every place I go almost. She had been pissed off at me because it turned off hot and I had been leaving her home.  I decided the other day that I would show her why she was having to stay home.  We where going to run down to the local Dollar Store (time to get dressed up, going to the Dollar Store!). I had been cleaning house and about to burn up. So I took a headband and brushed my hair straight back and then took a clasp and put it up. I normally have long curly hair. Well we went to the Dollar Store. I locked the door of the truck.  Ran in and right back out.  My goofy dog didn’t recognize me and was trying to eat me up. She was at the window showing her teeth and growling. Hell, I never knew little dogs acted like that. Needless to say, a crowd gathered. I turned around and there was people on both sides of me. They acted like I was trying to steal the truck and the dog.  I finally screamed loud enough for my goofy dog to hear me. She calmed down and I got the key in the door. I had to ask several of the people to excuse me to open the door. I got in and under my breath I had a good talk to my pooch. While I was talking to the pooch, even more people had gathered. I just looked up in amazement. What the heck are these people planning to do lynch me? HELP! I opened the door and stood up on the door frame. I asked them if they could move where I could get going. They just stood there. I asked them again. One of the men had the gall to tell me they still wasn’t sure it was my truck. I got so pissed I couldn’t see straight. It was 100 degrees outside, I had sweat running down my face and this idiot wanted to know if this was my truck. My reply to him was not very nice (I have cleaned it up were I can post it here), “Well, Mister, if you go out there and lay down in the road, I’ll show you this is my truck!”  It is amazing a loud mouth redhead can move mountains or a sea of hicks when she has too.  When I got home I ran into the house with all my packages, locked the doors and barred the windows. And all this because of my cute, adorable, sweet, loveable Kiki! Yeah right!

Good Saturday Afternoon, dearies!

Well I know I am sort of running late, what can I say? A lot, lol! Just the moment I think my life is going to be normal, I get throwed another curve ball

My day started out this morning at 3:30 a.m. Why I woke up at that time I don’t know. But I woke up wide awake and ready to go. I made coffee, dried clothes, cleaned up the living room and after all that I cleaned me up. I actually sit down and put on makeup. Makeup is something that I seldom put on anymore. I wore it for years and when I quit wearing it, no one noticed at all. Which pissed me off thinking of all the time I wasted putting the stuff on! Anyway, when I am around my children they prefer their mother to wear makeup, especially the son. The daughter tells me I look better without it. I think both of them have come to realize, Mother don’t give a crap what they say. She is going to do what she darn well wants too. Back to this morning, I got all cleaned up where we could go to one of my grandchildren’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. If you are not familiar with “The Cheese” it is a pizza place with games. The party took place at 9;30 this morning. I am sorry at that time it makes me sick to my stomach to think of eating pizza. I got to thinking back and I never ate pizza early in the mornings even when I was a teenager. Anyway, we got up and drove 25 miles to the party. We were actually early for a change. My son was glad to see us. His oldest daughter was playing games when we came in and my son was following her around. So we met up with them and talked and followed the grandkid around. I know we have to look hilarious at times. But when we first got there, we ran in to my son’s father-in-law. We walked right by him and he didn’t bother to speak or nothing. He acted like we were invisible. Which don’t bother me because his is the backside of a donkey. My son’s lovely mother-in-law wasn’t there yet. She is one of those people you would just love to meet in a dark alley and of course, I have told her this. If it appears, I don’t like these people, you are right. I don’t. The bad blood started even before my son married their daughter. I thought I was the only one that she got under their skin so bad. I was wrong. I didn’t realize how the woman was till we went out one time for my son’s birthday. We went to a local restaurant for his birthday. We were seated at a large table. We were running late that day and my son was standing outside waiting on us. He told us he just needed to get some air. We went in and future daddy-in-law was turned watching a basketball game. He didn’t turn around and speak or nothing. I sit down and looked at my husband and he looked at me. We were both thinking how rude this man was. Then during the meal, my daughter’s boyfriend at the time was talking to me about changing out a transmission in a car. When my son tried to talk, his future mommy-in-law kept telling him to shut up.  Every time that boy opened his mouth, she told him to shut up, you don’t know what you are talking about, just shut up! My face got bright red and I stood up and knocked the chair in the floor. I leaned over on the table and was getting ready to shut her mouth and my daughter grabbed me.  My daughter told me, I needed to go to the bathroom with her.  We went to the bathroom and I think the whole restaurant heard me hit the towel holder. I busted two knuckles but I felt a hell of a lot better. So after staying in  the bathroom for about 15 minutes, I cooled off. When we got back, mommy-in-law didn’t open her mouth the rest of the time. A couple of weeks later, my son was out at their house. Something was said and I don’t know what it was but my son politely told them not to mess with him because his mother was a witch. I liked to have died. I told him you just don’t go around telling that to everyone. Why do you think I waited till you were in your 20’s before you found out? Well needless to say, I live in the Bible Belt and these people have enough religion for half the country. My son was married in a church that was not his religion he was brought up in.  He deserted his religion, his Path and almost his family. His wife doesn’t like for him to come out here at all. When he does he suddenly develops a backbone. I don’t know how he puts up with any of them. None of them want me around the grandkids. I have talked to my husband about it and he tells me to ignore them. That they are ignorant and you can’t combat it. But it is needless to say, they don’t like me and it don’t hurt my feelings one bit. Back to the birthday party, it went fine. Mommy-in-law and her sister held the baby the whole time, we were there. I finally ask out loud, if my son would get his daughter were I could see my grandchild. I got to kiss and love on the baby. The funny part is that see looks just exactly like my sister when she was little. She has the black hair and brown eyes, I love it. And of course, I keep telling them she looks just like her too. Evil ain’t I, lol!

So we left the party and on the way home, I got threw for a whirlwind. At one time, we bought my son a Ford Ranger. He got to working and bought himself a new truck. So we inherited the Ranger back. I would rotate driving  my Explorer one day and the next the truck. I had some kind of surgery, I don’t remember what but I know the truck had sat for about a month. My cousin told me that he had put a new battery on the truck. No problem, that truck will start on a dime. Yeah, right, lying crock of —-.  I was mad and I was hurting. The truck never got started and no one drove it. My lovely cousin wanted to know if I wanted to sell it. We agreed on a price and he came out here to get it. Well he liked to have never got it started. Then after he got it home, he gave me along list of things that was wrong with. I told him he should have known this stuff because he was the only mechanic that ever worked on it. The truck has never run right and half the time it just stays in the driveway of my cousin’s. Today my husband told me why the Ranger doesn’t run and do like a normal truck, he cursed it. WHAT? You did WHAT again? Then he asked me if I wanted to know why my little red jewel of a car was sitting in our driveway. This was my mindblower, he had cursed that car also. Well the sailor side of me came out. He said he didn’t want me to sell the truck and he sure in the heck didn’t want me buying that red thing. But the thought of him cursing his wife’s own car, I am still mulling this over. He knows how to curse that is for sure because he is a Druid. I am beginning to think a little on the dark side too. He mentioned cursing something a few weeks ago, told me how he would do it and everything. I just looked at him. It did bother me and give me a clue when he mentioned using blood in his cursing. When he told me this we were about 20 minutes away from the house. I kept quiet and kept praying let me get home without pulling this truck over and throwing his ass out. I got home and cleared my head some I have asked help from a higher  power to help set my mind on the right course to deal with this. I have never known of anyone to curse me or any of my things especially a family member???? It leaves you dumb-founded as to what to do. If he was a total stranger, I know what I would do.  He’s family. I took an oath a long time ago, I would never cast against another family member no matter what. I can take the curse off the car but the minute I do he will re-curse it. So what do you do but a binding spell on your own husband? What gets me, is my own husband going to cause me to go against my own ethics and morals? I never, ever harm or cast against a family member. I know one thing, he has gave me quite a bit to mull over.  I know posting in my group use to give me comfort and clear my head. It also cleared my head enough I could hear my higher power when she talked to me. So I am sure the blog will do the same for me. If you see me posting for the next 72 hours don’t think a thing about it. I am just clearing my mind and cooling off. Till then………

Lady A

P. S.

If you have any suggestion or have ever been in a similar circumstance, I would love to hear how you handled it and also your suggestions.