Blessings To Everyone This Fantastic Friday!

I apologize for us, yes “us,” running late. Lady A and I are sharing a computer today. She is sitting beside me looking at everything I do. Anyone want to adopt a witch? I am kidding, of course. I love her to death and I am very glad she is here. It didn’t seem like the same place without her here.

She has been wanting to read all the comments in the back. I have been wanting to get the posting done. We have had a conflict of interest, lol! There a lot of wonderful comments in the back. We thank you for them and we will eventually work our way through them and reply to you all. There are great words of encouragement and love expressed in them. We truly thank you for your love and support. You are all very special and we love each one of you.

We hope you have a fantastic Friday and a super weekend,

Love and Hugs,

Lady A and Annie


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