Before choosing a tonic for yourself or a loved one, allow yourself to attune to the needs of the recipient. First, choose a tonic that most suits the symptom.

Is the symptom acute or chronic and recurring? Acute symptoms need quick acting, bitter, sedating, or cooling tonics. Chronic, recurring symptoms require warming and nurturing herbs. Roots and barks often have nurturing qualities. Leaves and flowers are cooling  and can reduce the vitality of one with chronic symptoms if used without building roots and soothing barks. Plan a tonic with long-term results for long-term or recurring problems. Stimulating herbs and spices may be used sparingly to allow the system to accept their warmth. Long term and heavy detoxification is not recommended for chronic disease.

Choose herbs that support the personality and awareness of the recipient. It is normal to have emotional manifestations when the body’s chemistry is not in balance. If the individual is displaying anger, choose herbs that will not overstimulate or heat up their system such as spearmint or chamomile. Do not choose a heating root like ginseng in the combination. If the individual is weepy, choose herbs that promote diuresis. When the kidney flush, they will move out excess fluids and metabolic wastes. Use the tonic long enough to achieve the desired  effect. Longer uration is only acceptable for longevity tonics recommended by an experienced practitioner. If someone tells you “it;s natural, it can’t hurt you,” run homme and make a tension reliever tea. You probably know more about herbs and have been blessed with greater common sense.

Become acquainted with as many herbs as you can grow organically or obtain locally. It is better to be well acquainted with a few herbs than to know little about many. When in doubt, use local compresses, external application, and aromasignatures before ingesting a questionable tonic.

Hearsay and whaat works for your neighbor is not the safest way to choose a tonic. We wouldn’t think of sharing a prescription drug. Make sure you use tonics as a good and not a drug. Each individual has a body that knows hoe to heal itself. Give yourself that chance as you enjoy the rapport you will experience from growing organic herbs and cooking a tonic, as an elixir for radiant health.