Life’s Like That

Life’s Like That


Hope that diffused in the hazy air
left me with no words, that I could say
system it is, that’s not so fair
leaving me alone, in an utter dismay

Startled to see that just “luck” prevails
proving luck is enough to lead the game
hardwork bewildered, seeing its losing trail
aspirations buried, to avoid the shame

futile it is, to ponder upon the ruling of fate
it’s no one, who deserves a blame
This is a mere unfortunate spate
A tiny bit, in the time’s frame.

Stood up to gather the courage that’s lost
as I know, misery cannot make me its bait
A door closes to open another one fast
proving persistence is my blessing trait!

Rocking in the chair, I think again
what went wrong , that I didn’t gain…
Truth is very simple and just so plain..
Pal…Move forward…..take no pain!!!!

Copyright © 2007 Viji Mutupuru



Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, Greeks and Romans also carried rods and staffs as symbols of authority in daily life as well as in magickal practice. Some rods were made for specific purposes, such as protection for women during childbirth, and were consecrated to Bes. The rod is a particularly interesting magickal tool with symbolism linked to power, authority, and the World Tree (Tree of Life/Yggdrasil/Pole Star), and appears in stories of Egyptian, Greek, Jewish, and Islamic magick. If one carried a rod, he or she had the power to settle all disputes, especially if empowered during a storm that carries both thunder and lightening. In European lore, a rod empowered on the Halloween full moon carried great authority over the spirits of heaven and earth. Ancient civilization believed that the rod was thought to command all types of spirits and send messages to god/dess. In measurement is approximately three feet in length, or from shoulder to fingertips. Modern magickal rods are either painted in the color of a Wiccan tradition or group, or are carved or painted with magickal symbols and sigils or the magickal person’s choice. Long-handled wooden spoons (with a handle at least three feet long) can also be carved, painted, empowered, and used in the same manner as the magickal rod.