Life As The Witch – Things That Can Weaken or Ruin Our Spellcasting

 Things that Weaken or Ruin Spellcasting

There are some circumstances that can weaken or even destroy the spell you have worked so hard to cast, so you want to be aware of and avoid the following:

*Drug or alcohol use: You should never cast a spell with anything other than a clear head. For one thing, it is insulting to the Gods to come into sacred space under the influence of mind-altering substances. For another, it interferes with focus. (Yes, there are some folks who believe in the use of drugs deepens spiritual practice, they are entitled to their opinions, and I would never argue with them, but it has been my experience that nothing destroys magickal concentration and focus faster than coming into a circle high or drunk.)

*Extreme emotional states: As I said above, you need to have a clear head in order to do your best spell casting. Coming in to your sacred space filled with anger or fear or any other very strong emotion will not only stand in the way of clarity and focus, but you may cast a spell you later wished you hadn’t. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do spell work when things are bad–sometimes this is when we need magick the most. But try to achieve as calm a state as possible before starting the work. Do some meditation, take a long bath or walk, repeat some calming affirmations. At the very least, take slow, deep breaths and concentrate on the light and love of the Gods until your head is in a better place.

*Mixed feelings about the spell work: If you’re not sure whether the spell you are casting is the right thing to do or not, that doubt may undermine the will you need to feed the spell. Never cast a spell unless you are certain of your path in that instance. This is also true of the times when you are uncertain of your goal. That confusion will sap your spell of strength, so it is better to wait until you have a solid goal in mind, and the will to back it up.

*Negative intent:  This is not to say that you can’t cast a spell that would have a negative impace on someone else, for better or for worse, free will allows for this. However, you should be in mind that not only do the powers of the Universe often not allow these types of spells to work, it is not unusual for them to rebound on the one what casts them–either immediately or sometime down the line.

*Lack of focus: This is the main reason for not coming into circle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or heavy emotions, they will simply make it too difficult to maintain the focus needed to create a powerful spell and send it out into the world. But other thing can get in the way of focus, too. If you can’t find a quiet, private place to cast your spell (the kids are running around screaming, the dog is barking, the neighbors ae arguing at the top of their lungs) you are better off waiting for a different time. It is almost impossible to get good results when you cast a spell in the midst of chaos.


Excerpt from:

“Writing and Casting Spells
  For the Best Results”
  By Deborah Blake
Llewellyn’s Magical 2013 Magical Almanac

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The Witches Magick for November 16th: Become Closer To Your Cat Spell

Witchy Comments
I am doing a little substitution here. Friday is ruled by Venus thus being a day which magick should be casted involving the heart. Love spells, in other words. I am not a huge fan of love spells. Instead of a love spell today, I would like to offer the following substitution.



Work with brown candles. Take the following herbs and empower each with its meaning and becoming closer to your pet/familiar in mind.

– Catnip – Helps create a bond between you

– Vervain – For Peace and Protection

– Gardenia – For Spirituality

– Saffron – For Strength

– Love Seed – For Friendship

– Passion Flower – For Friendship


Take 1/2 of the empowered herbs and wrap in a small square of brown cloth and tie it off with a brown cord or string. Take the other half and make a smaller sachet for your pet. Wear yours four days meditating with your pet at least once a day.

You can tie the pets sachet on while meditating. After those four days take all the herbs and burn as an incense while sharing a meal with your pet.

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The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage One

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage One


Stage 1: Formally defining the purpose of the spell.

Take your symbol that should be made of natural material, natural fabric, crystal, beeswax, dough, clay, flowers, herbs, twigs or metals.

Set the symbol in a dish or flat plate in the center of the altar (you can use a pentacle dish is you wish).

Raising the symbol dish in the center of the altar as you face north, name the purpose of the spell and the time scale, for example, “by the time the leaves are on the trees,” “by the next full moon or “within seven days.”

At the same time, define the person for whom you are casting the spell – this could be yourself.

If you wish, you can now, while you are speaking, pass the symbol on its dish slowly in turn over all four elemental substances, beginning in the north or east.

You may now speaking slowly and confidently, ask for any god or goddess or maybe an angelic power that could be helpful.

Put the symbol back in the center. Touch the symbol with your wand or with a crystal point or the outstretching tip of your index finger to make the connection between the symbol and the energies to be raised. Say:

Be filled with powers and blessings that _________(name) may be/ have/ do__________.

In a ritual you would announce the purpose of the gathering and draw everyone together in a initial chant or action during this first stage.

Developing Spellcasting

Developing Spellcasting


The timing of spells and rituals is crucial. You can draw on the prevailing energies of the moon, the sun and the seasons and also factors like weather to amplify the power of your spells. To flow with the energies of the natural world is like walking or cycling with the wind or swimming with the tide as opposed to against it.

Much of the information on the moon, sun, seasons, the sea tides and weather is contained within different books. However, successful timing are ultimately about trusting your innate instincts. A number of experienced practitioners can feel if the moon is right or sense a rising tide even before they reach the shore.

This is not so easy initially for city dwellers or for people who like me grew up in the center of towns. The more time we spend close to nature, the more this instinctive awareness returns, for we all carry it in our genes from our distant ancestors, though it may be deeply buried.

You can help to reinstate this awareness by rising and sleeping according to natural light patterns. This is easiest done on holidays or weekends especially on natural camping grounds where there is no electric light. Watching the moon in the sky without light pollution is a good way of connecting with natural rhythms and timing especially if you note down your feelings as the moon changes each night. You may find a particular moon day evokes the same emotions each month.

I still have a tendency to think I should switch on the heater on a grey day even if it is muggy but I am getting better at listening to my body and not my logical mind.

Again, successful circle casting is less a matter of accurate measurement and knowledge of correct procedure than a feeling the pulse of the land you are working with and allowing your instincts to help you create an empowered and protective area for magick.

Spellcasting In Natural Magick

Spellcasting In Natural Magick

Spellcasting involves following a format that provides the structure to channel, amplify and release energies to bring into actuality the fulfillment of a wish, a need or desire.
Spellcasting can bring results fast if you really are in a crisis situation, perhaps because you endow the spell with the urgency and emotion. Mel, a 25 year-old store manager living in a historic town in the south of England, desperately needed a home to rent and had been to every agency in two with no results. A couple of days before she was due to move our of her present flat. Mel did a simple spell to find her a comfortable, affordable home as soon as possible. She took the symbol she had empowered, in fact a written one, to work having slept with it under her pillow.
The next morning her mobile rang. It was a man to say he and his wife had a home to rent and she could go to see it that evening. When Mel got there the house was perfect and affordable but the couple had no idea where they got her number because she hadn’t given it out and they had not even got round to advertising the house, so it had not come through an agent. The couple said they would let her know, but just as Mel was driving off disappointed, the man ran after her and said the house was hers and she could move in the next day. The couple didn’t know anyone to whom Mel might have mentioned the house problem. Mel moved into the house soon afterwards and was very happy there.
The energies of someone wanting to rent out a property and Mel’s urgent need must have telepathically been drawn together.
Of course, most spells aren’t as instant and may involve more earthly leg work. However, spells do get the energies moving and usually bring into your sphere through unexpected opportunities or seemingly chance meetings, what it is you need—at the time you need it. Under the rules of cosmic exchange you neeed to be willing to reciprocate by passing on information or surplus items when you hear though a friend of a friend of a need, even if this involves a lot of effort or you are busy at the time.
Rituals also follow similar stages beginning with a statement of the purpose, adding elemental powers and ending with the desired results. This would for example, be the rebirth of light as the December midwinter solstice, celebrating the return of the sun after the shortest day – and as importantly, acknowledging or bringing your own rebirth or renewal of hope.