Wishing You A Wonderfully Wicked Wednesday, my friends!

Days Of The Week Comments

How ya’ doing today? I have been working on a new template to my eyes are crossed. I think I might eventually get all the bugs worked out of it. It is unusual, the template has a menu, then it has a place for all your daily posts and it scrolls. Instead of having to dig through all the posts today, to say find the horoscopes. You would seemly scroll to the Horoscopes section at the top, click and there they are. Like I said if I ever get the bugs out, I am going to give it a try here. When it gets over here, I honestly want to know if you like it or not. I don’t want to lose any readers and friends because of the layout. Enough about that, you now know what eventually will be here.  I hope, if I don’t pull my hair out first, lol!  

Now on with the Magick………


Correspondences for Wednesday

Magickal Intentions: Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear,Loss, Travel and Money Matters
Incense: Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea 
Planet: Mercury and Chiron (though this is a moon of Pluto)
Sign: Virgo
Angel: Raphael
Colors: Orange, Light Blue, Grey, Yellow and Violet
Herbs/Plants: Fern, Lavendar, Hazel, Cherry, Periwinkle
Stones: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite
Oil: (Mercury) Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalytus, Lavender
This day is governed by Mercury. Wednesday’s vibration adds power to rituals involving inspiration, communications, writers, poets, the written and spoken word, and all matters of study, learning, and teaching. This day also provides a good time to begin efforts involving self-improvement or understanding.  

Spellcrafting for Wednesday


If you wish to have a vision true, then put together this witches brew.
Mix this oil, this sacred potion, charged with power and devotion,
filled with Marigold, Rosemary, Clove, Mugwort, Lavender, Jasmine and Rose.
Make an incense of the same, to ignite the mind, the mystic flame.
Smudge with incense and anoint with oil, to cleanse yourself of mortal toil.
Chant this chant to start your mission, as a trigger for your vision:
Vision, Sight and deep perception, mystic light and meditation,
trance or conscious my eyes shall see, the other side shall come to me.
Now sit in thought, in meditation, lost in mind, in concentration,
wait for the vision that you desire to come to you within the hour

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