Good Saturday Morning, my dear, dear friends!

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Good Morning to all my dear friends! I hope you are having a fantastic morning and staying cool. This little guy above is about the way I feel today. We have nine days of temperatures above 100 degrees. Not a drop of rain for a month now, just hot, hot, hot temps. After a while the heat starts to take a toll on a person. According to our weather people (half the time they don’t know what they are talking about, lol!), today is suppose to be our last day in the 100’s for a few days. I think tomorrow is suppose to be 95 and that will feel like a cold snap has come through, lol!

I shouldn’t complain, I am more fortunate than some. I think about those poor people around Washington, D. C.  No power, no A/C, they can’t even turn on a fan to beat the heat. They must be miserable. I feel so sorry for them. I pray their power will be restored soon and their lives can get back to normal.

There are so many in need in this country right now. We can’t forget those people in the West that are battling the wildfires. All the firefighters risking their lives daily. Plus all the homeowners that have lost everything. My heart truly breaks for them. I can’t imagine getting up one morning, everything perfectly normally. Then there is a knock on the door, a person telling you to grab what you can, you have to leave. You get in your car, as you look back, your house has already started going up in flames. Everything you have worked your entire life for, gone in a matter of minutes. Oh Goddess, how horrible.

With there being so much need in this country right now. Will you take a moment today to say this prayer with me and light a candle, please.

O dearest Goddess, Mother of the green

Earth, blue waters and the silver Moon,

please be with us now in our hour of

need. Stress, confusion and chaos have

take hold of our lives, and we can feel

the weight of life’s burdens suffocating

us. We are truly afraid, but we know that

You in all Your loving kindness will hear

us now, and we will feel the heavy weight

getting easier to bear.

O dearest God, Father of the dark forests

and shimmering mountains, grant us

your spiritual strength that we need so

much now, so that we may come through

this time of crisis and get back to our

normal life once again.

Blessed Be!