Happy, Happy, Happy Wednesday To Ya’ !


Good Morning or Afternoon my lovely readers! How are all of you doing today? As you know and probably noticed I have been rather quite since my momma wildcat was found dead in the field. She had been shot and then the people brought her over here for me to find, well on our property.  I am dealing with this rather well now. I am still trying to find where my hubby hide the gun cabinet key but life is good. He keeps telling me, “No way in hell are you getting that key now. You will go to the pen.” No, I won’t. Anyway we are having a battle over the key. I know he is right. But you know how we hate for men to know they are right!!!

I have to tell you something funny though, we found the little babies the momma left behind. There were three of the little devils and they are absolutely adorable. I found out something funny last night. I came in the house to get their food to feed them. Stinker was up on the table mad and jealous. So I took the time to love him and reassure him, he was the best cat on the planet. Well he had loved all over my hands and my arms. I didn’t think a thing about it. I went back outside and two of the babies thought I was their mother. They came running, meowing and looking for a tit. When I sit on the ground, I sit Indian style. These two little brats found my toes and they did everything they could to get milk out of them. Well I finally got them to bed. I came up the porch steps and at the back of the porch sit two of the big male wildcats. I came in the house to get their food and by the time I got back out there, they were eating the babies food. I reached for the one shotgun hubby will let me have (because it is filled with rock salt). I took it outside, aimed at their butts and let them have it. Rock salt won’t hurt them just stings like hell and scares them.  They ran off.  Well I had to come back outside and count the kids to make sure they were all right. When I did, I found two of them sitting on the steps. I noticed another tail under the car where I had been hiding their food. I thought this is strange. I went to check to see if this was the little runt that was missing. I got down on both knees and peeped under the car and looking back at me was the biggest skunk I had ever seen in my life. I screamed the skunk jumped up and hit its head and we both run. After I calmed down and got to thinking about how that skunk looked when he saw me, I started laughing. The poor fella, if he had sprayed me, he wouldn’t have been a poor fella. I thought about that also. What if he had sprayed me? Oh my goodness! I don’t even want to think about it. But this place has turned into wild kingdom. All I can say is, “Wish you where here!”