Wishing You & Your A Very Blessed & Relaxed Sunday!

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Today’s Affirmation for Sunday, February 12th

“I close my eyes and look within. At the centre of my being I see a still point of light – radiant and pure. It is my spirit, the alpha and omega of my life.”


Today’s Thought for Sunday, February 12th

Beautiful music is a cleansing rush of water through the pipework of the spirit. It leaves you fresh and wide awake. Your energies flow freely and lovingly.


Today’s Meditation for Sunday, February 12th

Spirit Singing

The life-force (known as prana in the Vedic Tradition) is often associated with the breath. Improvised singing can therefore be a powerful way to contact and express you spirit – the life-force within you. Find a place where you can make noise without being disturbed. Stand with your arms by your sides and your feet apart. Take a deep breath and push air through your mouth to create a sound. Do not try to form words or a tune. The aim is not to make beautiful sounds but to express your spirit through your voice. Be aware of your feelings, giving them full vocal expression in all their rawness and power.