Making Moon Water

Making Moon Water


Moon water is at its most potent when made on the night of the full moon or during a partial or total lunar eclipse. You can also make it in the two or three days before the full moon if the skies are clear and the moon is shining brightly.

1.   On the night of the full moon (it rises around sunset) set a silver colored or clear crystal bowl outdoors where the moonlight can shine on it.

2.   Half-fill it with still mineral water, if possible from a sacred source, and, if you have any add a few drops of water from a holy well. You can substitute bubbling tap water.

3.   Surround the bowl with pure white flowers or blossoms or small moonstones.

4.   If you have a small silver bell, ring it three times, saying for each ring:

“First the Maiden, now the Mother, then the Wise Grandmother.”

5.  Raise your arms on either side of your head, your hands facing upwards flat with pal uppermost and repeat the same words three times.

6.   Stir the water nine times moonwise (anticlockwise) with a silver colored paper knife (silver being the color and metal of the moon) or an amethyst crystal point. Ask the moon mother to bless the water and those who use it.

7.    If you are not carrying out a moon ceremony, leave the bowl in position, covered with fine mesh, overnight.

8.  Ring the bell three times more before leaving and say:

“Blessings Be.”

9.   If you don’t have a bell, kneel and put your hand round the bowl, saying:

“Blessings Be.”

10.  Using a glass jug and filter, pour the water if possible into small blue, silver or frosted glass bottles that you can seal and keep in your fridge or a cool place until the next full moon night. If you use a plain bottle label it so you don’t mistake it for another magickal water.

11.  Any water left at the end of the moon period should be poured into the ground before moonrise on the next full moon night.


Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual


The full and new moon rites are a celebration of the moon and Her cycles, as well as a celebration of us.

What you will need:

Your tools

Silver or white candle

White altar candle

A view or picture of the moon



Place the silver or white candle next to your altar candle.

Position your altar so that you can see the moon.

Perform a meditation.

Cast your circle.

Raise your arms over your head, palms up, while saying:


Take the cauldron of earth hold it toward the moon and say:


Take the silver or white candle and place it in the cauldron. Light it and say:


Kneel and say:


Now close your circle. Point your athame down and release while saying:


Let the silver or white candle burn itself out.If you decide to do a spell, perform it before closing the circle and point your athame up instead of down. Then close your circle.

Pagan Craftiness of the Day for Nov. 5th – Make Your Own Silver Cleaner

Pagan Craftiness of the Day




For silver cutlery, lay a sheet of aluminum foil in a pan, cover with a few
inches of water, and add a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of
soda. Bring to the boil, drop in the cutlery, simmer for five minutes, then
remove and rinse.

For silver jewelry, shred aluminum foil until you have enough to half-fill a
jar. Add a teaspoon of salt and fill with water. Drop in Jewelry, cover the jar
and leave for five minutes, then remove and rinse the jewelry.

Calendar of the Moon for Friday, Jan. 20

Calendar of the Moon
20 Beth/Poseideion

Winter Waning Moon

Colors: Silver, white, and black
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a black cloth place a silver or white runner, four silver candles, a cauldron with dry ice in it, a silver vase containing some naked birch twigs, some dry stalks of burdock, a few briar canes, a round moon-shaped mirror, a silver bell; and goblets containing pale white wine, anise liqueur, white corn syrup, and extract of bitter almonds, a spool of silver thread, and a small vial of jasmine oil.
Offerings: Do community service for the mentally ill.
Daily Meal: White food.

Winter Waning Moon Invocation

(As the invocation is spoken, one who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual unwinds the silver spool of thread, and given part of it to every one present to hold.)

Call: Hail Luna of the dying month!
Response: Hail Selene of the fading moon!
Call: Bound in the silver web, be free,
Response: Dying in formless flame, now live,
Call: Maddened where madness is a joy,
Response: Fearful where fear is resurrection,
Call: Hold thou fast to this frail thread
Response: Until the last false light be shed.
Call: Until the Earth brings forth the dead,
Response: Until the ancestors forth are led.
Call: White of star, white of bone,
Response: We will lead each other home.
Call: We are risen in her light,
Response: Where the dying live again,
Call: Silver serpent, silver spider,
Response: All show fair within her mirror.

Chant (to be done with eyes closed): LUNA LUCINA LUMEN LUMEN

(While the chant goes on, the thread is rewound. One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual brings the goblets around for each to drink, one at a time. For the first, they say, “Taste madness.” For the second, “Taste purity.” For the third, “Taste sweetness.” For the fourth, “Taste bitterness.” Anoint all with jasmine oil, and say, “Scent of dreams.” The bell is rung, and all exit.)

Mirror Scrying

Mirror Scrying

Mirror scrying is an evolved form of water scrying. When it became possible to build mirrors they were regarded as being like water that was fixed into one place.

The early mirrors were made of polished copper, brass, marcasite, tin foil or mercury behind glass, polished silver and obsidian. All types of mirrors may be used for scrying and the size is not important.

Because mirrors are linked to the moon mirrors should be backed with silver. Try and use a round or oval mirror instead of a square mirror.

For the frame try and use a mirror that has a silver frame. Old mirrors also seem to work better than new mirrors.

Most seers prefer to use a black mirror. Because this is difficult to buy you may have to make one.

Just simply take out the glass and paint it black. You may have to give it a few coats of paint though. When you put it back in the frame make sure the glass part is to the front.

The use of black mirrors may be traced back over the centuries. John Dee used a black mirror of obsidian.

When using the black mirror for scrying you do not want to see your reflexion. The best is to leave the mirror on a table and look at it from an angle.

Look into the depths of the mirror as though you were looking into a bowl of water. At first it may appear grey than colours will come and go.

With time and practise you will be able to see scried images like still photographs or moving film images. Spirits may sometimes look at the scryer, talk to the scryer or even touch the scryer.

The visions may even exist outside the mirror and surround the scryer on all sides.