Feng Shui Tip for December 6th – ‘Saint Nicholas of Myra’

Today celebrates the feast day of Saint Nicholas of Myra, a fourth century Byantine bishop who is widely revered for his generosity, kindness and compassion. In many European traditions, the night before ‘Saint Nicholas Day’ is when children display their shoes in prominent positions, like in front of their bedroom door or by the dining room table. The story goes that in order for Saint Nicholas to fill those shoes with gifts, the little ones had to be fast asleep. Feng Shui says that your shoes can also bring you another gift when positioned in a specific manner. This philosophy says that you can walk into excellent opportunities for a new job if you turn around all around the shoes in your closet. Simply position them so the toes are pointing as if the shoes were going to walk out on their own. The shoes should be put in pairs and those that are outdated or never worn should be weeded out and given to someone who can use them. Following in the footsteps of generous old Saint Nick, acting charitably while also activating your intention is the probably the best gift of all!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Your Magickal Spell for Tuesday, June 5th – To Remove A Problem From Your Life


To Remove A Problem From Your Life

1.Write your problem on a piece of paper and throw it into a fire.

2.Write your problem down on a piece of paper, dig a hole, place the paper inside with a piece of copper, zinc, and iron and bury it.

3. Write your problem down on the sole of a old shoe. Put the shoe on and stomp on the problem three times. Remove the shoe and burn it in a fire.