Calendar of the Sun for July 7th

Calendar of the Sun

7 Haymonath


Colors: Black and silver
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a cloth of black place two Japanese figures, one man and one woman, separated by a scarf of black studded with silver stars. Have also small strips of paper of many colors, colored string, and pens, nearby. One tree should be selected outside to be the Tanabata tree, and hung with silver stars.
Offerings: Wishes.
Daily Meal: Japanese food.

Tanabata Invocation

Two lovers stand on opposite sides
Of the Milky Way, the River of Heaven,
And wait for one night a year
When they can meet yet again
And part in the morning.
To all the world, this is a sad story.
But I say unto you:
There is no love without parting,
Be it time or death or sorrow
Or the turning of the heart.
And time apart can fix a bond
As strongly as it can tear one apart
If those who love are strong enough of heart.
May we be so strong
And love so fiercely
As to have a love that lasts a thousand years
That have only touched for a thousand days.
Lovers of the Milky Way, grant us our wishes
As we would, if we could,
Grant you yours.

(Each comes forth and writes their wish upon a piece of paper, rolls it up and ties it to the tree, and exits. )

[Pagan Book of Hours]