Dog-gone Doggie of the Day for Jan. 10th

Sadie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sadie
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female Breed: Rottweiler
Home: Geneva, Illinois, USA
Sadie is such a wonderful dog. We got her the week of Halloween because our old dog passed away. At first Sadie had potty training issues but she seems to be over that now, which we are very glad for. She loves food. Especially eggs and ham. I have never seen a dog so excited to eat plain dog food.

Her favorite thing to do is play tug of war. She has a problem with jumping on furniture. It is very funny. I run over to get her off of the couch and she will leap off. I know she does know she is not supposed to be on the furniture! She will also run around with things in her mouth (sometimes toys, sometimes things she is not supposed to have). Then we have to try and catch. It is actually sort of fun, though. She knows Sit and Shake already, and she absolutely loves people.

I love her so so much!