It Is A Wonderful Thursday, my lovelys!

Days Of The Week Comments Ah, it is so good to be back! I hope you missed me, I know I missed all of you! But taking part in the internet blackout was for a very, very good cause. If you remember the day before, I had discussed it on the site. I know it was publicize that the bill they were trying to pass involved piracy. But when you got to digging deep, it also involved the government eventually trying to censor what was on the net. I am like an elephant, I never forget. I remember how Witchcraft was banned so long ago. I got to thinking if our representatives were not as open-minded as they all pretend to do and they eventually ban The Craft again. I couldn’t take that chance. So I participated and I am damn glad I did. Take a gander at the following links…… 

Cantor stalls SOPA in the House


One battle was won, but the war isn’t over yet!

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