Air in Feng Shui

Air in Feng Shui
Feng Shui means literally “the way of wind and water,” or symbolically, “the natural forces of the Universe.” These forces affect everything in our world. Europeans call the science of Feng Shui geomancy. Hawaiians and Native Americans practice their own form of Feng Shui, each seeking to live harmoniously with nature. The ancient Chinese believed in and lived their lives by these natural forces. One of the strongest and oldest natural forces is called chi.
Chi, also known as the breath of nature or as “the dragon’s celestial breath,” is everywhere and, many believe, represents the truest abstract energy in the Universe. Chi is an invisible energy that circulates everywhere but gathers in certain place, which are said to be good in Feng Shui. Chi enhances happiness, prosperity and longevity, and it is the life force inside all living things. Good relationships, a healthful lifestyle, and meditation can increase levels of chi energy.
In Feng Shui, winds are sometimes thought of as bad because they scatter chi rather than accumulate it. When selecting a place to build a home or to hold a ritual, avoid places that are windswept. This can be hard if you live on the prairie or beside the ocean, but in those cases, just try to schedule your rituals on days when the wind is calmer. If you have a home where it’s windy, you might want to perform a weekly ritual to encourage the sylphs to leave chi where they find it.

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Daily Feng Shui gives you a useful feng shui tip for the day. This can help you attain happiness and prosperity in your life. This can be used on a daily basis and helps you keep your home and office clear of all clutter.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese practice of capuring the natural forces to bring about happiness, good luck, prosperity, abundance, and wealth in your life. This is an ancient Chinese art of positioning that ensures peace and happiness.

Feng means Air and Shui means Water. In other words, Qi or energy is carried by the Air and conserved in the Water. Qi or Chi is a kind of spiritual force that comes from nature and is responsible for the well-being and happiness of all individuals. This strong force can be made to have a positive effect on our lives. The aim of Feng Shui is to position the landscaping and buildings so that they facilitate unobstructed flow of Qi.

Feng Shui – the Chinese art of interior decoration examines the how the placement of things and objects affects the energy flow within our house. It also refers to how these objects interact and influence our personal energy flow. Feng shui tips if used the right way can increase the positive energy or chi in your lives thus improving the quality of living.

Today’s Feng Shui Tips For You Is
Believe in the principle of two. For e.g. two flowers, two birds, photos of couples etc.