Happy Sunday To All!

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. It is in the hottest part of the day here. The heat index is 115 degrees. So its to hot to get out and do any yard work (which I actually planned on doing). I was in the kitchen yesterday and something hit the side door hard. I was cooking and hot, I flew to the door. To come to find out it was my neighbor weeding my fountain area. I quickly shut the door. I had a beautiful rose-bush which was in sort of a garden honoring cats. Well I had bought a few pieces of lattice. I put them in the yard were it needed fixing. Well my lovely neighbor came over and picked up the lattice and put it right on top of my rose-bush were he could mow. All the beautiful red roses died and I am nursing the plant to keep it from dying. My husband told me we would have to start mowing the day after he got through to keep him from being so helpful. My neighbor and I had a discussion and I told him how I loved to do yard work. He told me he knew how I hurt due to my back. Also I had no business on a riding lawn mower. I told him I appreciated his concern but I felt better when I had been mowing and getting fresh air. I just never dreamed of moving to the boonies and having neighbors like this. I told my husband I thought they were normal when we moved in. Come to find out this is the local insane asylum. I am sorry I know you all don’t give a crap about my neighbor driving me crazy. But it helps me to get it off my chest. I got out in the yard last night and actually found his footprints so you probably won’t be hearing me bitch about him anymore. But hey, you live out in the sticks there is never no excitement, lmao!

I hope you enjoy today’s postings. Have a great one!

Lady Abyss