Happy, Happy Thursday! TGIF and a loooong weekend ahead!

Hello world, how are you today? You can definitely tell Summer is here. The temperatures here are almost in the middle 90’s and you can tell it. I have a wonderful case of sun poisoning on my arms. My fault, I am a red-head and we don’t tan. I wouldn’t tan if someone paid me too.  Besides it’s my own darn fault, I was outside for hours playing with the wildcat kittens and no sunscreen nothing on me.  And now I am paying for it. In case, some of you don’t know what sun poisoning is, like my doctor (neurologist). I couldn’t believe it, I had got up and got some of their cool packs and had one on my arm when he came in. He didn’t care but he wanted to know what was wrong with my arm. I told him sun poisoning and he said, “what’s that?” (Hmmm, I thought doctors would know this stuff :s ).  Back to what it is, sorry, sun poisoning doesn’t hurt. It is where you have had excessive amounts of sun in the past and your skin just can’t take anymore rays. Small, prickly bumps pop out on you and it itches like the devil. If you scratch too much, you will have some awful scars left on you when it clears up. I have one down by were my watch will be, that is absolutely horrible. There was three bumps there together and I scratched and scratched and I am going to be left with a bad scar. Enough about sun-poisoning……..

We went yesterday afternoon to release the wildcat kittens. They are finally big enough to care for theirselves and I don’t want to keep them too long. If I do that, they will come to think all humans are friendly and kind and that could be very dangerous for them. Hubby and I loaded the cages on the back of our four-wheelers. We rode to the creek bed. I went to the back to both cages and opened the doors. I walked away and called the cats. One jumped out and followed me a little bit. The other two decided to join their brother. They got to looking around and playing. My hubby told me they would be fine and it was time to go. My eyes swelled with tears and I got on my four-wheeler and started back up the creek. Too my delight and my hubby’s dismay, I felt the back of my wheeler go down and then a thump! I turned around and it was one of the little cats we were trying to release. Hubby stopped and here came the other two just a running. I was so happy, I got down laughing and crying. Hubby walked over to me about half pissed and asked me, “what now?”  I told him that I guessed we would have to bring them out more and more to reintroduce them to the wild. So we shut the cage doors and off we traveled. I cried all the way back but I didn’t let hubby see me. They were tears of joy, I have become so attached to these three little guys it ain’t even funny. To a person who has never worked with wild animals, you might not understand how you can fall in love with some of the most vicious animals on the planet. It just happens. The more you are around the animal, the more you start to become attached even while they are showing their teeth at you, lol! Then the animal starts to trust you, cuddle up beside you and then you know, in that animal’s own special way they love you too. It is a wonderful experience that I wish everyone would have at least once. Maybe then, there wouldn’t so much cruelty and killing of these precious creatures.

*Personal Note*

I have never mentioned it but I foster animals for two local clinics. I have fostered about everything under the sun except snakes. No snakes, never!