Happy, Happy Friday! It’s A Thank Goddess It’s Friday Day!

Happy Friday, dear readers! I am sorry I am running late and I will try to keep this short (yeah, right! I can’t keep nothing short, lol!). I got carried away with the front page. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a perfectionist witch, lol! If I am going to do something I want it to look good. Or else why waste your time doing it? Then I had to run out and feed the wildcats. That was a feat in itself. I generally feed them around nine and now they get fed at eleven, ha! They were all over me and they are getting so big. They stretch their arms out and they reach up to my elbows almost. So you really don’t want to miss feeding them. My hubby gets on to me now when I go and sit down with them and they rough house me. One is so sweet. I turned the porch light out the other night and he just curled up beside me. I softly petted him and talked to him in a low whisper and he just purred. You could just feel the bond forming. I thought maybe it was a one time thing, but it wasn’t he has done it ever since. He tries to lay in my lap and that is funny. He has paws hanging out all over the place. I would guess he weighs close to 30 lbs., now. My poor legs are about to break off. I don’t think he would care either. He would have a piece of me to carry around, lol! Enough with that……….

I meant to touch on this yesterday and got carried away with violence. I had some good comments too and I want to responds to some of them. Thank you for your comments, they are deeply appreciated. It is also good to hear someone else’s opinion for a change, thank you again. What I meant to talk about was my posting “The Witches’ Ten Commandments.” I had a couple of responses about this being the first thing we learned as witches. Perhaps it was and perhaps it wasn’t. Remember some witches answer to no one but theirselves. But that is not the point, the point is yes, some witches do learn this right off the bat. There are new witches coming to this site to learn. I posted these “Commandments” for them. I am doing my best to try to make this a site for everyone. A site that will benefit the Elder witch to the new comer. And let me tell you it ain’t easy. But to clear up any confusion, the “Commandments” were post for the new ones to the Craft and perhaps the older ones that just wanted to be refreshed.

You have any ideas for the blog or would like something posted just let me know. I am still moving info from the old group and also adding new never before seen info to the site. So tell me what you think, as always I love to hear from my readers. Till then……

Goddess bless you and yours,

Lady A