Halloween Activities For Children Of Any Age!

Halloween Activities For Children Of Any Age!
By Jade, Order of the White Moon
Eyeball Spoon Race.  This is a spin-off of the traditional egg on the spoon race.  You need one Ping-Pong ball for every spoon.  Draw eyes (bloodshot or pretty etc…) on the Ping-Pong balls.  The children then race with the Ping-Pong balls balancing on the spoon.  To make things more difficult, have the free arm behind the back.  Adults can do this blindfolded with their team partner calling their name to give them direction.    The children then get to keep the ping pong eyeballs as a toy.
Fishing for Fortunes.  Another children’s activity.  You need a clear fishbowl (or other bowl) and fill it up with various mini toys (inexpensive ones).  An adult or teen is the fortune teller and the child comes to the table and draws out a prize from the fishbowl.  The fortune teller than tells a fortune based on the prize drawn.  For example, if the child drew out a quarter, they could be told that they will go on to find a buried treasure someday.  Or if they drew out a pencil they could be told that they will become a writer etc……
Mummy Wrap:    This may be difficult for me to explain.  Get one roll of toilet paper.  You also need one prize for each child participating in this game.  (plastic spiders, rings etc…..)  You will unroll the toilet  paper and re-roll it.  As you unroll it, place a prize every once in a while and re-roll the toilet paper so it now contains prizes throughout it.  The children sit in a circle and each person takes a turn wrapping (mummifying) part of their body.  The wrap this body part until they come to the prize.  Then the prize is theirs and they tear the paper off at that point and pass it to the next child.
Pin The Stem On The Pumpkin.  (or any other variation you can come up with….maybe pin the hat on the witch)  You need some markers and a large piece of posterboard.  Draw the Pumpkin on the posterboard and color it in.  Out of a smaller piece of posterboard, make the stem and cut it out.  I just use sticky tack on the back of the stem.  You need a blindfold.  Blindfold the person who is ready to give it a try and give them the stem with the sticky tack on it.  Turn them around three times and make sure they are facing the larger poster to start.  They then try to “pin” the stem on the pumpkin.  (basically this is just pin the tail on the donkey but themed to Halloween)
Ghost In The Air:  You need one (or more to make it challenging) white balloon with ghost eyes drawn on it. (blow up the balloon)  The children have to keep the balloon(s) in the air at all times.
Witches Stew:  You need drinking straws (one for each person) and various construction paper cut outs in Halloween shapes (each shape should  be about the size of a yo-yo).  And a cauldron or bowl. Place the shapes in a pile beside the cauldron.  Using the straw as a vacuum, each child should try to pick up a shape and place  in the cauldron to make the Witches stew.  You can time the players to see who is fastest or have two players compete against each other at the same time. (given equal shapes)  
Just a Little Witch on High
She’ll tell you that
your love is nigh.
Your fortune on Hallowe’en
when told
My secret will the Witch unfold.
(from a early nineteenth-century Halloween postcard) 
About The Author: Jade is a special education teacher turned stay at-home mom.  30-something Mom to six children via birth and special needs adoptions.  Our family resembles a beautiful, diverse, and colorful patchwork quilt.  Witch. Married.  Living near the beautiful Wind River Mountains in Wyoming.  Human to one standard poodle, one Siamese cat, and one cat who is truly my peer, companion, and equal in many ways.  Member of the Order of the White Moon.  Currently trying to connect to my ancestors and learn about our family’s Celtic roots and traditions to pass along to my children.