Daily Zen Meditation for Friday, June 15th

Daily Zen Meditation for June 15

“One who speaks does not know; one know knows does not speak.”
Thus I have been instructed by the Old Master. If you tell me the Old Master was one who knew,
I ask,
Why did he write five thousand words to explain it?

– Po Chu-I (772-846)


Make A Zen Garden

A miniature Zen garden provides an excellent focus for meditation. To make one you will require a shallow dish, some sand, and some natural objects for the “features” (such as stones, leaves or small twigs).  Choose these objects with care, bearing in mind that natural forms are sacred in Zen. Place the sand in the dish and position the features in a pleasing formation. Use your fingers to create wave-like patterns around each object, echoing the way in which water eddies around rocks and islands. When you meditate on your Zen garden, notice the paradoxical suggestion of stillness and movement that the effect creates.