Special Kitty of the Day for January 10th

KitKat, the Cat of the Day
Name: KitKat
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
KitKat came into the veterinary clinic I work at when she was around three weeks old. Someone had found her dangling from underneath a truck by her paw. She was so tiny and had a bent arm from being stuck under the truck for so long. I took her home with me, where I bottle fed her and bandaged her leg back to health. She’s now almost a year old and is one of our more vocal and active cats in a family of three cats total. She kept growing and growing, and is now nine months old, and as she’s probably a Maine Coon from the looks of it, may get even bigger, but she could not get any sweeter, or more loved.

KitKat and I would like to remind everyone to thump their engine on cold mornings this winter, just in case someone has crawled in there for warmth, so they can jump down and escape safely before you move the vehicle.