Did You Know……..

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest content:

An orange stone building with a rounded tower in front and large pointy-arched entrance in the middle, partially obscured by trees on either side. In the front right a white car is parked in the street.

  • … that Aspen Community Church (pictured) has the largest pipe organ on Colorado’s Western Slope?
  • … that when James Stewart recited his poem “Beau” on The Tonight Show, he moved host Johnny Carson to tears?
  • … that Cyril Perkins is the oldest living first-class cricketer?
  • … that at Villa de Etla‘s weekly market in Oaxaca, Mexico, one can find traditional merchandise such as a local variety of white cheese, frames for donkeys and goat barbacoa prepared in an earthen oven?
  • … that Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of yams?
  • … that Victoria Roberts received an Australian Bicentennial grant for Australia Felix, a cartoon history of Australia?
  • … that after John Law Hume, violinist on the RMS Titanic, was lost in the disaster, his family were sent an invoice for his uniform?