Daily Feng Shui Tip for June 8 – “Name Your Poison Day!”

Today’s ‘Name Your Poison Day’ has me thinking of holistic remedies that can be embraced if your poison is ivy or sumac or oak. At least one of these poisonous weeds grows in every U.S. state, and as many as 10 million Americans are affected by these plants annually. Contact with them can cause irritating blisters, itching and a discharge. Should that happen, immediately wash the affected area with cold water — you have about two minutes to rinse off the urushiol oil that carries the plant’s ‘poison.’ However, if you’re lacking water and you develop a rash, you can bring quick relief by dabbing the area with a mix of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. You can also rub slices of fresh lemon on the affected area to stop the itch and heal the rash. Of course, gel from a fresh aloe plant offers the same healing relief. Be aware that these remedies are not applicable if the skin has been broken. In that event, proper medical intervention may be necessary. This way the next time someone asks you ‘what’s your poison,’ it won’t be ivy, sumac or oak!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Just a minute of your time, please……

Good Afternoon loyal readers! I hope you are all doing fine. I thought this would be a good time to tell you why I have been so scattered brained recently. I know I get so far in the postings and then quit, I am so, so sorry for this.

I believe the first thing to throw me for a loop was having shingles. Also I believe that was the time we had the tornadoes come through. Well let’s start with the shingles (lovely subject, lol!). The original patch of shingles that I had are cured or at least dominant for the time being. Now for the bad news, I have had a new batch crop up. Now you ought to see the doctors’ scratch their heads on this one. I was laying in the floor one night and got this awful pain in the top of my head. I placed my hand up there and gently rubbed and sure enough it was shingles. So they are watching all this mess on the top of my head. They want to make sure they don’t start pushing in on my brain. If that happens they will have to do something. Also the shingles have messed up one of my kidneys. Now this is according to my doctors. I believe it is dues to the harsh antibiotics they put me on was to blame. Ok, enough about me, you know I am still alive and scratching, lol!

Next up, storm damage……everyone was in the process of getting their lives back to some sort of order, then came the water. I honestly don’t know how many roads are closed out here by me. I was coming back from town yesterday and looked off to my right and you could see the Ohio River coming up through the cornfields.  Everywhere is flooded, they are blowing natural levees in the hope this will relief some of the water pressure. I know you probably heard it on the news but one town in Illinois is covered in water. I believe we live about 75 miles away from them. They reported on the news that they were evacuating people from their homes in Cairo.  You know after so much you wonder is it ever going to end? Where we live, I never dreamed I would look out across the fields and see the river coming up so.  But I have no right to complain, my son emailed me a picture of his home today. There is water all around it. You have to come and go in a canoe. He said they had moved everything out, over the past weekend. He was ready for the river to take his home. He lives in the floor plain. He told me this morning there was no need to get upset because they know this was a possibly when they moved there. To me, my children have no value of money. We have busted our butts to get everything we have. If a flood was to take our home I would be sick. But I guess that is where the old generation gap comes into play, lol

This is my son’s home
He has always laughed because he could walk out his back door and go deer hunting. Now today, he is laughing because he can fish off his front porch. I guess it is good he can keep a sense of humor during all of this. He said he had already packed the wife and kids up and they have left. He is staying there at night. I told him he better watch that or else he would be swimming with the fishes. He is a foreman at one of the boat yards around here and he said he makes sure he get a river report before he leaves work every night.
My husband and my daughter are different stories. My daughter, I can’t really say that much because she works at a hospital and everything is supposed to be confidential. But a mess did occur and she put in her two weeks notice. My husband is useless. He sits on the couch with his laptop and keeps saying it is great to be retired. He has screwed up my daily schedules so bad. He will stay up all night and then sleep all day. Well if I have to run the vacuum, I am up a creek. He doesn’t get out of the house for nothing. I am always running here and there. I have about did all the running I am going to do. The next stop will be running to the lawyer’s office to sign the divorce papers.
So now you know why my life on the internet has been so screwed up. Truthfully I believe there are times I am about to lose my mind.  If it wasn’t for the Goddess and me continually asking for her help, I would have. Before I go there is one thing I would like to ask you, please continue to pray for my family, especially for my son. Pray that the water doesn’t get up in his home and ruin everything he has. Pray for me, that the Goddess will continue to love me, watch over me and most of all keep me sane. I have seen with my own eyes what this group of people can do when they set their mind to it. Please pray for us, all of us. Not just my family either, everyone that is in this horrible mess right now. Trying to make it from day-to-day, just to get up and see the water has raised another foot inside your house. I honestly don’t know how they do that. To go in a place you have loving, sweet memories of and see all the destruction that has took place, Goddess Bless Them. We all need your prayers. Please I am asking you again, pray for all of us.