Dog-gone Doggie of the Day for February 5th

Rosie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rosie
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Newfoundland
Home: Italy
Rosie’s full name is Rosabelle degli Angeli Neri Kennel in Italy. She was born with a miniature front paw which was later reabsorbed into the wrist. When she was born her breeder, Emmy Bruno, was very sad because she thought that no one would have liked a three pawed, four legged dog, but when we went to see her sister Nana (Rosalinde degli Angeli Neri), we fell in love with Rosie and decided to take her too.

Rosie is beautiful, and if it had not been for her handicap, her breeder would have kept her for breeding. Emmy was (and is) very fond of Rosie, and spoiled and pampered her a lot while I was waiting to take her home. Rosie still thinks she is a lapdog, and now and then she half jumps on my knees, keeping her hind legs on the ground, wrapping her only paw around me, and laying her big head on my breast, looking at me as if saying “I love you, Mom”. We thought that she would never be able to lead a normal life at the beginning. She had problems getting up, and when she wanted to lay down, she circled and circled around like a cat on a cushion , and then literally dropped down face first, with her butt in the air and her tail wagging. She still does it even now, minus the floor hitting with her face.

Her sister was a pest with her when they were pups. She bullied her and pulled her around by the tail. But little Rosie (we still call her Rosina, little Rose, even if she weights 56 kilos), learned to get up very quickly, and to wrestle with Nana and to jump on her and push her down.

She is a very brave and sensitive dog. She still spends most of her day laying on the floor, but if she wants to run and romp with Nana, she is as quick as her sister. The day she learnt to climb stairs was a great day in our house! She never gives up, and having been rather spoiled because of her handicap, at times she is very stubborn. She likes to go to the seaside to my Mom’s even if she does not like water very much. I think it is because she feels unbalanced and knows swimming is not for her.

This summer we almost lost her to an infection, and she was emergency spayed, but her kidneys were damaged. I slept three nights on the floor with her after the operation because she was too restless and was supposed to be resting.

Notwithstanding all this, she is as loving and sweet as she has always been. She is very funny when she sleeps on her back, her stump tucked to her breast. She is very protective of the house and of me, and her deep, husky bark is very intimidating. If anyone arrives she does not know, she hops in front of me and puts herself between me and any possible danger. I love her determination never to be left behind or excluded from anything, her love for life, her courage.

She is a philosopher dog. You can see her thinking while she is looking at you. She loves fish and little treats, and when she was a pup she was a formidable wood chewer, but she never destroyed anything in the house. I love her, and hope that notwithstanding her kidney problems, she will be with me for a long long time still, because losing her will mean the world would have lost a very exceptional being, and I a part of my heart.




This is a modern method of scrying and is becoming more popular. Most people are familiar with the sound of when a shell is placed over the ear. It sort of sounds like the ocean. But in fact it is the sounds of blood flowing through the vessels in your ear.
If however you listen to this sound you will eventually by able to pick up fragments of conversation. At first you may be able to only make out a few words, but in time you will come to understand whole segments of conversations.
The subject of this talk will be usually meaningless, but if you can mentally break into this communication you may find the voices may choose to respond. Just exactly what is happening here no one is quite for sure.

Gemstone of the Day for May 20th is Hematite

Gemstone of the Day


FOLK NAME: Volcano Spit

ENERGY: Projective

PLANET: Saturn


POWERS: Healing, Grounding, Divination

MAGICAL/RITUAL LORE: Hematite is a strange stone. It is heavy, solid, and silvery black. Its name alone is something of a mystery. To ancients, hematite was what we now know as bloodstone, so virtually all magical information relating to “hematite” in old books refers to bloodstone. This hematite, though, when worked on a lapidary wheel, “bleeds” and produces stains that look much like blood.

Hematite is a fine, showy stone. In Italy and elsewhere, it is fashined into necklaces which are sold as “volcano spit.” Magical information relating to this stone is scarce.

Hematite possesses the curious property of “healing” itself. Make a small scratch on the surface of the stone, then rub your finger over it. The scratch may disappear.

MAGICAL USES: Hematite is said to be powerful in drawing illness from the body. As with all stones, it is held in the hands while visualizing, then placed on the skin directly over the afflicted area. A necklace of smallstones can also be worn for healing.

Hematite is worn for grounding and stabilizing purposes, and to focus the attention on the physcial plane.

A scrying: In a darkened room, light a red candle. Settle before it and hold a large piece of hematite so that the candle’s flame is reflected on it. Gaze at the reflection and visualize a question. The answer will come to you.