Other Celebrations Around The World, Jan. 20th

Babin Den (Grandmother’s Day; Bulgaria)

Feast Of The Kitchen God: Offerings made, beans tossed over roof
St. Sebastian’s Day (patron of archers, soldiers, athletes, Rio De Janeiro)
Aquarius zodiac sign begins
Basketball Day
Heroes Day (Cape Verde)
Celtic tree month of Beth ends
Hat Day
St. Sebastian’s Day (patron of Rio de Janiero, archers, athletes, hardware, lace makers, the military,

pin makers, potters, police officers; against plague)
Mali Army Day
St. Fabian’s Day (patron of lead founders, potters)
Heroes Day (Guinea-Bissau)
US Presidential Inauguration Day (every 4 years)
Lesotho Army Day
Take A Walk Outdoors Day
St. Euthymius’ Day
National Buttercrunch Day

St. Paula’s Day, celebrates a young girl saved from the passions of a pursuer by running into a church, where she grew a beard.

Heads Up Seattle, Washington: First of the month of PLURIOSE (rain) in the French revolutionary calendar.

Birthday of Ruth St. Denis 1879 -Great American modernist dancer, breaker of social taboos.

GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast – Source: The Daily Globe, School Of The Seasons and The Daily Bleed