A Healing Method

A Healing Method

Concentrate on the area in need of healing. Close your eyes, concentrating
and repeat the following or a variation there of;

“Great God Apollo, God of Medicine and Healing,
Hear this servant’s prayer. Heal me oh God of medicine. Touch me and pull
the sickness out.
Make me well with your cleansing touch. Heal me.
Make me well.”

Repeat as many times as you want. Concentrate on Apollo actually touching
and taking out the sickness. Don’t forget to thank him and maybe leave a
small offering.


How I Wish: Consequences in Spell and Wish Making

by blackWing

Do what you will and harm none.

Pagans have seen this message over and over again. We know it, we live it or we strive to live it. For most people, it means don’t carry out a form of magick or spell-casting that will harm anyone, including ourselves. Well, that’s pretty easy. I won’t cast a spell on mean Joe Schmuck, the pagan-hating neighbor, for throwing his garbage on my lawn. It also means I won’t call a curse down on the person who cut me off in traffic. I’m not talking about saying something like, “Damn you,” because in most cases that falls under the category of being an expletive. It doesn’t carry the force of magick or higher energy behind it.

Almost everyone will agree that the above forms of magick (spell-casting and drawing down curses) can harm, and they’re fairly obvious. What is not as obvious are the subtler ways we can harm someone. One common trap is love or attraction charms and spells. Many a “good” neo-pagan book written by upright followers of the path has listed spells that are potentially harmful. To cast a spell that brings beauty to you or makes you more attractive is a beneficent charm. However, there are spells that instruct “write the name of the one you love or want on a piece of paper” and perform a certain ritual. There are several versions, all of which are to attract someone specific and to bind them to you. That’s psychic and spiritual bondage — slavery. Those spells can cause serious backlash.

I found out the hard way many, many years ago when I thought I was practicing harmless witchcraft. I had inadvertently fallen in love with a man who was a customer where I worked.

When I figured out what was wrong with me (I was depressed), I did a spell of attraction. It should have been a spell that just made me more attractive. It might have been a spell that made me more attractive to that particular man, but that would have been manipulating his view and feelings. Instead, it was a spell to make him want me and be attracted to me. And unfortunately, I did a very powerful spell.

Did it work? In spades; I was terribly burned in the process. What I put out came back to me threefold. (Oh yeah, there’s that law for a reason.) I almost became an alcoholic, I had an eating disorder that went completely ballistic and I was dreadfully, emotionally wounded in the process of this guy realizing that he didn’t want me. I had done this in all innocence, believing unthinkingly that I wasn’t doing any harm.

Lucky for me, I woke up after the fact and realized what I had done. I didn’t do it again. Seven years later, with that man as far from here as is possible, I had a chance to mend and heal the old wounds and set things aright with him. No, I’m not with him, but there’s a peacefulness and a wholeness that took many years to accomplish.

We learn a lot from our lessons through life, if we don’t do irreparable harm along the way. That means that you can’t even heal someone unless they want to be healed. Now, on a psychological level, many of us know this to be true. You can’t change someone unless they want to change. But if a person is in a coma or hurt beyond asking for healing energy, what do you do? You can perform rituals to heal, but you have to send them out with the addendum, take the energy if you wish it. Some people don’t want to be healed, even if they are at death’s door. Some people do want to be healed, even if they’re trying to take their own lives and won’t ask for the help.

The ethics of healing with or without permission, even on the purely physical level, is one that everyone, from the medical community to shamans, is debating. It is a larger question for another article. There may never be a completely right or wrong answer. The situation I’m looking at, though, is that of manipulating, threatening or changing someone without their knowledge or permission, or against their will.

Another pitfall for the witch is using magick to get someone to leave you alone or ignore you. Yes, I was caught by this one too but not in as severe a way as the attraction spell. I had had problems with a certain person’s attitude and his behavior, so I did a ritual to take back my power that he was trying to manipulate, and to make sure that he would leave me alone. Well, the first part was fine. The second part fell into the category of me magickally manipulating him. It wasn’t even a problem I noticed until I had to talk with this person and found he did not remember having talked to me on previous occasions, and that he had not remembered even seeing me.

I had been much more careful how I had worded my ritual and in what I was doing, so in the long run there wasn’t as much manipulation or damage. It was essentially a protection and empowerment spell. I should have left it at protecting myself from harm, ill thoughts and so on and not in repelling a specific person. I’ve fixed that one after the fact, too.

Another area of magickal concern that has probably escaped most people’s attention is the Internet. In this day of instant communication, the same idea can fly around the globe in minutes. All of us have probably received the same joke within a day from various people in different parts of the country or world. One noticeable form of communication is the preponderance of chain letters. These take the form of adding your name to a list to possibly get the free trip to wherever, to spreading the news and good wishes for the dying child/man/woman with MS/cancer/brain tumors whose church/hospital/town will donate so many pennies per message, and lastly to the good old-fashioned chain letter. In this letter, there may be a touching story about caring for someone, or some truisms and proverbs or even a humorous little joke. At the end, inevitably, is the direction to send this to 10, 20 or 50 of your friends. If you do this, they’ll send it back to you to show their love or friendship, or more likely you will experience good luck, your fondest dream come true or, if you don’t send it out, you will have some type of bad luck like an elephant falling on your head.

These chain letters abound. Almost every time someone gets an e-mail account or starts discovering the ancestry of e-mail jokes, they pick up the chain mail torch and run with it. I received many and sent a few on. I started sending the jokes on and deleting the good luck admonition at the end. I started deleting them wholesale. I sent one out a while back that had great proverbs. It had the “get good luck and send this to your friends” blurb at the bottom. I deleted that and then added my own letter that said, “I’m tired of being threatened with luck.” That’s exactly what’s happening. Someone who “believes” that chain letters work, and who sends one on, is threatening a person with luck. Call it magick, juju or a spell if you will, but whether it’s good luck, bad luck or no luck, it’s still a threat or a promise.

As practicing pagans who believe “Do what you will and harm none,” it’s time to take responsibility for the power we put behind words, whether written or verbal. Even if they’re not our own, we empower them with our belief. This is the basis of magick and spells — belief. Our belief makes them strong, and if you send willy-nilly to people the good luck wish with “If you don’t send this on you receive bad luck,” then we are harming some.

Let’s put it in another perspective. How would you feel if a person came up to you and said, “I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, as long as they agree with mine.”? Or: “I wish you prosperity as long as you find the one true religion (fill in the blank here).” There is not much difference between these wishes and a good luck chain letter that says, “Unless you recruit and scare 10 more people with this, your luck won’t improve.”

There are many traps and pitfalls in spell and magick making. I might still get caught, but it happens less frequently. I walk ever more carefully with my eyes opened wider, and questioning with what-ifs all the more. The more adept one becomes, the easier it is to tap into higher power and more of that power. It is therefore more important to be extremely careful and check over rituals and spells for potential harm. As well, even our wishes can influence and change the world we walk in.

Like the Internet joke about the old lady/man who finds a bottle. S/he gives it a rub, and out pops a genie who says, “You have three wishes.” First wish: The old man/lady says, “I would like to be young and beautiful.” Poof, it happens. Second wish: “I would like enough money/wealth to live well and have all that I want.” Poof, it happens. Third wish: S/he looks at her/his cat and says, “Why don’t you turn it into a handsome/beautiful young man/woman?” Poof, it happens. The gorgeous creature walks toward the wishmaker and says, “Aren’t you sorry you had me fixed?”

Be careful what you wish for — you might get it.



ALFALFA- prosperity, attraction of money, burn or place in the kitchen

ANGELICA- Protection, Healing, inreases life energy bringing warmth of Fire element, Exorcism

ANISE, STAR PODS- Protection, Purification, Winter Solstice

ASTRAGALUS- Fortification, Strength

BAY- Healing, Protection, Psychic Powers, Strength

BLACKBERRY LEAF- Healing, Money, Protection

BLACK COHOSH ROOT- Courage, Love, Potency, Protection

BLADDERWRACK- This sea governed plant makes a wonderful water or sea ritual herb, Money, Protection, Psychic Clarity, Wind Rituals

BLESSED THISTLE- Abundance, Flow

BLUE COHOSH ROOT- Courage, Balance, Protection

BURDOCK ROOT- Healing, Protection, Clears space & holds the space safe, spirit of North

CALENDULA- Opening to the 3rd Chakra, helps energy move outward from center of body extending in all directions

CATNIP- Beauty, Happiness, Love

CHAMOMILE- Love, Money, Sleep, Purification, Child’s Annointing

CHAPPARAL- Fire element rituals, Protection, Spirit of South

CEDAR LEAF TIPS- Healing, Protection, Purification of body, aura field, & space

CELANDINE- Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters, Protection

CHICORY ROOT, ROASTED- To inspire Frugality, Invisibility,Removing Obstacles, Favors-annoint body to obtain

CLOVES- Exorcism, Love, Money, Protection

CINNAMON, GROUND- Healing, Love, Personal Empowerment, Protection, Spirituality, Success

COMFREY LEAF- Money, Safe Journeys (Worldly or through Meditation)

COMFREY ROOT- Money, Safe Journeys (Worldy or through Meditation), Winter Solstice

COPAL RESIN- Love, Purification, Earth Element, Sets Sacred Space,Allows Guides and Guidance to come in

CORNSILK- Water Element, Stimulates Flow

DAMIANA- Love, Visions, Opens Door Between Worlds

DANDELION LEAF- Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes

DANDELION ROOT- Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes

DONG QUAI, SLICES- Health, Vitality, Fire Element Rituals

DRAGON’S BLOOD RESIN- Exorcism, Love, Protection,
Stimulates action of other herbs in incense blend,
Stimulates movement of energy

ECHINACEA- Strength Wards off negativity or undesireable energies

ELDER BERRIES- Ancient Wisdom, Contact with Elementals, Healing, Invoke Majic, Protection

EUCALYPTUS LEAF- Healing, Air Element Rituals, Protection

EYEBRIGHT- Mental Ability & Clarity, Psychic Ability, Visions

False Unicorn Root- Connection to Majical Realm, Contains Energy & Intention

FENNEL SEED- Healing, Protection, Purification, Stimulates Movement

FENUGREEK- Clearing, Money

FLAX SEED- Beauty, Healing, Initiates Flow, Money, Psychic Openness

FRANKINCENSE TEAR RESIN- Consecration, Exorcism, Protection, Purification, Sets Sacred Space, Sets Safe Space for Guides to come in,Spirit of East or North

Geranium- Abundance, Fertility, Health, Love, Protection

GINGER ROOT POWDER- Fire Element Rituals, Brings into Existance, Bringer of the Manifestation, Love, Money, 3rd Chakra Vitality,Inner Strength, Success, Stimulates flow of Energy, Spirit of South

GINSENG, SIBERIAN- Encourages a long lasting affect, Health, Strength

HAWTHORNE BERRIES- Fertility, 4th Chakra Strength & Vitality, Love, Contentment

HIBISCUS FLOWERS, WHOLE- Divination, Love, 5th Chakra

HOPS- Sleep, Opens the Channel In & Out of the body in
relationship with the Universe

HOREHOUND- Exorcism, Mental Ability, Protection, Opens Air Element within body & in the world, Opens Channel for Clear Communication

IRISH MOSS FLAKES- Luck, Opens Throat, Opens Channel for Clear Communication

JUNIPER BERRIES- Exorcism, Health, Protection, Sets Sacred Space, Spirit of North

KAVA KAVA ROOT- Luck, Visions, Opens one to receiving guidence and guides,Protection

KELP GRANULES- Connection to Divine Source through the Physical & Spiritual, Unity, Life-Force Strengthening Spirit of Center

Lady’s Mantle- Love, Self Control

LAVENDER FLOWERS- Happiness, Love, Sleep, Purification, Peace

LEMON PEEL- Friendship, Love, Purification

LEMON VERBENA- Love, Happiness, Purification, Peace, Mental & Emotional Balance, Summer Solstice

LICORICE ROOT- Fidelity, Love, Meditation, Harmony

MANDRAKE ROOT- Protection, Protection in the Subconscious, Unconscious, & Underworld, Fertility, Money, Health, Love

MARSHMALLOW ROOT- Boundaries, Love, Protection, Strength, Emotional Balance

MEADOWSWEET- Divination, Harmony, Peace, Love, 3rd Chakra

MILK THISTLE- Creativity, Protection, Dispell, Transformation

MOTHERWORT- Balances Within, Self Empowerment, 2nd Chakra

MUGWORT- Purification, Clearing, Sleep, Visions, Opens one to the teachings of the Subconscious & Unconscious Self, Dream Clarity & Rememberance, 6th & 7th Chakras

MULLEIN LEAF- Courage, Health, Opens Life Energy flow through the body

MYRRH GUM POWDER & RESIN TEARS- Protection, Purification,
Sets Sacred Space, Ancient Wisdom

NETTLES- Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Abundance,3rd & 6th Chakra

PAU D’ARCO- Fertility, Wards off Negativity, Clears

PEPPERMINT- Love, Psychic Ability, Healing, Clears Energy & Space

RASBERRY LEAF- Love, Protection, Spirit of Center, Spring Equinox

RED CLOVER BLOSSEMS- Abundance, Love, Money, Protection, Success, Summer Solstice

RED ROOT- Clears Energy, Dispells

ROSEBUDS- Abundance, Attraction, Healing, Love, Luck, Prosperity

ROSEHIPS- Abundance, Strength, Fall Equinox Ceremony

ROSEMARY- Exorcism, Mental Clarity, Psychic Ability, Healing, Spirit of South, Purification

SAGE, GARDEN- Clears, Healing, Immortality, Inner Guide, Longevity, Protection, Purication, Vision, Wisdom

SAGE, WHITE- Clears, Healing, Immortality, Inner Guide, Longesvity, Protection, Purification, Vision, Wisdom

SARSPARILLA- Inner Strength, Grounding, Purification

SPEARMINT- Clarity, Love, Mental Ability

SWEETGRASS- Bringer of Positive Energy, Clears, Seals In,
burned after White Sage which clears, the sweetgrass is
the Bringer, Spirit of East

TURMERIC- Purification(used with sea salt), Fortification, Strength, Clears Aggression

UVA URSI- Boundaries, Clears blockages, Psychic Workings

VALERIAN ROOT- Protection, Self Esteem, Sleep

WHITE WILLOW- Sacred Earth Connection between human & Earth & Spirit, Healing, Protection, Spirit of East

WILD LETTUCE- Love Divination, Protection, Sleep, Opens to the deeper consciousness, Attunes to Deeper Meanings

WILD YAM- Fortification, Grounding, Release, 1st Chakra

WINTERGREEN- Hex-Breaking, Protection, Good Fortune, Opens Channels

WITCH HAZEL- Healing, Protection

WORMWOOD- Calling Spirits, Psychic Ability, Protection

YARROW- Spirit of South, Courage, Clears, Stimulates Movement

YELLOWDOCK ROOT- Clears stuck energy, Fortification

YERBA SANTA- Clears Channel to Divine Life Force, Healing, Protection, Psychic Ability



What you will need: any stone , a green candle and a white one
To make the healing stone: take an average stone from your yard or anywhere else
(if you have no yard or they all really suck) or you can purchase one like a tiger’s eye.
Once you’ve got one cast your circle, call your quarters.
Do an alter devotion then cleanse consecrate, and empower it.
Instill the flame of a green candle and a white one to empower it with healing magic and purify it.
While doing this hold your pentacle over it and say as many healing spells as you know.
Then pour holy water on it and you’re done.


Pour the needed amount of dried herb into the bowl. Sit or stand calmly and gaze into the herb. Sense its vibrations awaiting within the leaves and flowers and stems; see them emerging from the plant or lying in wait. Psychics can see the vibrations leaving the plants in various forms, such as sharp jagged lines, lazy spirals or blazing comets. Lean toward the bowl and place your power hand within it, touching the herb. Leave it motionless for a few seconds. Visualize your need strongly.

A Tale of Being Reborn

Author: Raventalker

As I drift off to sleep this cold, winter night in March underneath the full moon, the Storm Moon, I see a young native Indian man. He is very strong and wise beyond his years. He is a healer, what some might call a medicine man. I lay before him in a trance like state as he begins his ritual. He starts off with chants and a bit of a dance.

With leaves of some sacred plant tucked into his ear lobes he dances about my body, cleansing my soul and the air that surrounds me so that the healing process may begin. Blessing the area once cleansed, he continues his mystic chants. I see myself laying there, now bound by the feet and ankles …

A white horse I see, this horse is there to carry me on my journey. A ritual of unbinding my legs now begins. Large knives or blades are heated by the blazing fire that roars in the circle, then used to cut away what ties me down.

A white wolf appears. By my side he takes a protective stance and with his eyes of pale blue he holds his position at my side to protect my spirit as the ritual continues through the night. My head is then wrapped with some sort of large, green leafy plant anointed in the native medicines, my eyes are then covered as well with the same.

Pink blossoms are then places over my eyes. Not sure what the flower is but it is fragrant, not strong but a gentle scent and the petals are long and oval shaped much like a star but with many more points. As I am being healed I am also being given certain gifts. At this time I do not question all that goes on, I accept the healing and welcome the gifts.

Natives at both my sides chanting and dancing all around me, I am then adorned with white seeds that are placed down the center of my stomach, from my breasts to my navel. I reach down to touch the ever faithful wolf that still stands guard at my side. As I stroke his fur, he leans in to my touch and yet maintains his stance to re-affirm that he remains to be my protector and shall not, under any circumstances leave my side. …

To each side of me there are natives painting my body with ointments and healing colors. They paint on symbols of healing and rebirth… my insides are being healed for the next stage of the ritual. Now below my navel a large area is painted. This is where my womb lies. Oh yes, I see, now it is clear that I am about to give birth. Birth to who or what I ask…

Once the adornment is complete the medicine man and his fellow natives begin to chant at a stronger, louder, more intense pace. The birthing has begun and I see and image emerging from my own stomach. A figure cloaked in white. What’s this I see? I am giving birth to my own self!

Slowly I rise from within myself. A long laboring task. Once I am fully born I look back to have a look back at the body I have just come from. Now nothing more than an empty shell. It looks as though all the useful bits were taken out and now all that is left is a thick skin of a shell. A tough thick skin, for that person that I came from had grown tough from many lifetimes of pain and suffering. I see I have taken the heart with me and yet left the brain behind.

Maybe this is telling me that the old way of thinking is no longer needed and that new thinking is now possible. … Leaving behind also all the painful memories that cluttered the mind and held me back from truly progressing.

My eyes I see I have taken as well, but they have been cleansed and renewed so that I may have a fresh, untainted look at the world around me. With new eyes, new visions emerge. and with new visions come new hopes, new dreams, new goals and a whole new life.

As I am now fully free from my old self, I go to the white wolf to thank him for the devotion and protection he has given to me during this time of renewal. I kneel before him and look into his eyes and tears begin to fall from my newly reopened eyes. I am overcome with so much emotion for when our eyes met, I saw the heart and soul of this wolf. Strong and pure, full of love. A love so true that no sacrifice was too big. For I saw that the wolf would give his own life for my protection.

As I gather myself, I am told to rise and hold my head up high. For now I am to see myself as a priestess and I needed to start living the part. I was told to recognize my gifts and embrace the new me that has emerged this cold March night. This would be my next great task in life, for I have never seen myself in such a position of stature. I was told that by accepting my new position was to truly love myself and it was less of a title that others would know me by and more of one that would be known to myself.

Knowing who you are and accepting that and embracing it with love is the only way to inner peace and with your own inner peace you can now finally begin to help others heal. For your inner self is like your home and if your home is not in order you cannot expect to help others get their own in order.

As I agree to accept the new life that has been given.. I begin my journey.. Walking down life’s path again, with a new perspective and new look at what the world has in store and what magic lies ahead.

With the white wolf at my side we begin down the path and I see myself transform into a wolf as well and we run off into the shadows of the night. Side by side we run off to start anew. Not in front or behind but at the side of my protector, my partner.

There was also at some point in the vision a red star that was given to me. Placed in my right hand. The star was a symbol of a gift being given to me. It would be a gift of touch. Now to help others heal. I must use my hands in some way. In a way that touches them. Not necessarily physically but spiritually, emotionally.

Another star is seen – purple/blue on the outside tips and an orange- yellow in the middle and then a bright red light in the center casting a bright red light into the heavens. This part of the vision is unclear. No idea what this last image means … anyone have any insight?