Astronomy Picture of the Day for June 6

Discover the cosmos!Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2012 June 6

Eclipsed Moon Over Wyoming  

Credit & Copyright: Mack H. Frost 

Explanation: A setting full moon rarely looks like this. Monday morning just before a fully lit  Strawberry Moon dropped behind the  Absaroka Mountain Range near  Cody,  Wyoming,  USA, the  shadow of the Earth got in the way. A similarly setting  partial lunar eclipse was visible throughout most of North and South America, while simultaneously the same  partially darkened moon was visible throughout eastern Asia. Pictured in the foreground is a snowbank formation known as the  Horse’s Head off a tributary of the  Shoshone River. Lunar eclipses occur about twice a year, and the  next one —  a penumbral eclipse —  will occur in late November.


Your Magickal Spell for Monday, June 4 – A Full Moon Wish

A Full Moon Wish

Go outside during a full moon, hold a glass of water up to the moon, so the moon reflects on the water. Close your eyes, make your wish, then drink all the water while wishing all the negative things in your relationship dispersing with the flow of the moon. The waning moon will carry away all the negative emotions.


New Moon for July 1 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Friday, July 1, 1:54 am PDT, 4:54 am EDT

This New Moon in protective Cancer is a very powerful Solar Eclipse. Instead of planting seeds of security in our gardens of desire, we are challenged to break up the old soil of expectations about what will make us safe and happy. Cancer wants closeness and continuity but eclipses break patterns, especially when forming stressful 90-degree squares with volatile Uranus. Yet while Uranus sparks surprises, constraining Saturn and transformational Pluto also form tense aspects to the New Moon. Pressure is building that can affect major institutions, individuals and the environment and is best met with innovation, passion and commitment. Being a well-prepared and patient agent of change will radically improve lives while desperately holding onto the past can be futile and frustrating.

We may feel a sense of loss or disorientation with this Solar Eclipse, but it is time to burn some bridges with the past. However, we don’t need to erase all memories of what has come before. This New Moon is a clear signal that bold methods and beliefs are more likely to sustain personal growth and collective survival than returning to outmoded ideas.


New Moon Report for June 15th – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Wednesday, June 15, 1:14 pm PDT, 4:14 pm EDT

This lunation occurs in optimist but judgmental Sagittarius where the need for absolute answers can lead to philosophical fundamentalism. It is a Total Eclipse of the Moon, signaling the need to let go of past beliefs and prejudices. Emptying ourselves of old truths can feel like stepping into the void of ignorance, but what we gain by opening our minds to let outmoded concepts fall away invites in a greater range of awareness. Being wrong might feel embarrassing yet is often the first step to acquiring more knowledge.