Calling The Dragon

Calling The Dragon

This ritual is for exactly what it states calling the Dragon or Dragons to
project their presence with such clarity that there is no question of knowing
that they are here. A greater reason for calling a Dragon into stronger presence is the stronger the auric vibrations of such a creature within the circle the stronger the ritual and power sent into your motivation for the ritual. When you use the Dragon call and feel the presence of one or more Dragons it is important that they are treated with respect. Take time to get acquainted with them before asking their help. Remember most Dragons are beneficial and helpful, but all Draconic temperaments are extremely sensitive so treat them with the greatest respect.

Ritual of Calling

Notes: Perform during bright noon or the waxing Moon for increasing magick, with the Full Moon being strongest; during evening hours or the waning Moon for decreasing magick, with the New Moon being the strongest. Use this ritual in conjunction with any spellworking. This ceremony is primarily used to summon the Dragon for a manifestation whether it be the rare physical type or, more likely the sharpening of the inner sight.

Supplies: Pentacle disk; Dragon pentacle; water chalice with a little fresh
water in it; dish of salt; wine chalice; black (left) and white (right) altar
candles; sword; wand; incense burner; appropriate incense; dragon’s blood and mugwort; dragon mirror; gong or bell; staff; paper and pen to write down any messages.

Use the Basic Dragon Ritual up to the insertion point of necessary chants for
specific Spellworkings. Hold the sword in power hand and staff in the other
while standing facing the altar and tap the staff three times on the floor while holding the sword pointed at the Dragon Pentacle. Chant in tones that vibrate body:

Come Draconis! By Your All-consuming Breath, I summon you. (tap staff three times)By Your Piercing Gaze, I Summon You (tap staff three times)By Your Mighty Strength, I Summon You (tap staff three times)By Your Wisdom Ancient and Cunning, I Summon You (tap staff three times)By Your Magick Deep and Old, I Summon You (tap staff three times)Come, Draconis, To My Call!

Once done summoning the Dragons it will be possible to feel power being sent from all directions by the half-seen Dragons. Listen for any messages the dragons may have. The Dragons’ presence can be felt by a sudden temperature change, prickly feeling between the shoulder blades, unusual currents of air, and other phenomena. If the Dragons are pleased with the Magician they often sound a deep vibrating rumble, almost like a Giant Cat’s Purr.