To select a crystal, first put yourself in a calm space. Hold the crystal in your right hand with the point towards you. Feel it physically. Be open to sensations like tingling, or change in temperature. Also feel the crystal emotionally. Think of the purpose you want it for, and see if you feel attracted to it. Be more concerned with how it feels than how it looks.
Allow the crystal to pick you by interacting with it in this way. And remember to go with your initial feeling.




Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive, and can help you put away things that cause you fear or anger. They can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life. They can amplify intention, reduce stress, help with centering (balancing or calming), strengthen healing abilities, and surround you with protection by amplifying white light. Any healthy quartz crystal point can strengthen these things and help produce personal growth by amplifying the subtle energies that flow inside you.



Generally, quartz crystals grow in a hexagonal (six sided) structure, with additional faces sloping towards a point at one end. A crystal with these characteristics is itself also called a POINT. Points may be totally clear and transparent, or they may contain streaks, lines, rainbows, water bubbles or other inclusions. They may also appear cloudy if they have grown in a place where it freezes in the winter. Optical clarity usually has little to do with
a crystal’s quality and its ability to amplify the subtle energies.



Items needed: Basic altar set-up including:
–salt and bowl of water, candle in color symbolic of need.
Shield, ground, and center. Cast circle.
Charge of the Goddess/God.
Cleanse crystal by sprinkling with water, then with salt. Say the following:
“This crystal is hereby cleansed and dedicated to the workings of the Goddess and God.”
With tip of crystal, scratch image, symbolic of need, on candle (i.e., a heart for love, a dollar
sign for money, a fist for strength.
As candle is scratched, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already been manifested.
Chant to raise power. Place candle in candleholder, set crystal near it, and light candle.
Watch the burning flame and again strongly visualize and chant &/or drum.
Allow the candle to burn down.

An Earth Wand

An Earth Wand

For an earth-oriented magickal wand, it is best to use a fallen branch from a maple, ash or rowan tree. Take the branch, strip the bark, and lightly sand the surface. Carve the alchemical symbol for earth into it. Add any other personal carvings you would like. Use a malachite stone for the tip. Anoint the wand with cypress oil and bless it under a full moon. Allow it to charge under the moon all night. When not in use, store it in a green silk wrapping cloth to which you have added a teaspoon of dirt.

Selecting Crystals

There are three simple ways to select the crystals you need, whether for yourself or for others.

  • Look them up in a book. Decide why you need a crystal and search for the appropriate ones to help the condition or symptoms.

  • Follow your intuition. Feeling drawn in any way to a crystal suggests that you need it. It will stand out from the crowd, possibly sparkle and shine, and virtually shout at you, wave, jump up and down, or leap off the shelf. Of course, it may just be interesting or look pretty. However you are drawn to them, theses crystals will help you, sometimes in unexpected or amazing ways. If you are selecting crystals for  other people, perhaps as a gift, then keep that person in your mind when choosing. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at a photo of the person, have a personal object that belongs to them, or even just write their name on a piece of paper.

  • Employ a pendulum and dowse for the crystals you need.

If you are selecting crystals intuitively or with a pendulum you can always look up their healing properties in a book. Conversely if you have chosen crystals from a book, you  can decide how best to apply them with the aid of a pendulum. The most important thing when choosing a crystal is to trust yourself.

Crystal Chakra Healing for Animals

It has recently been discussed whether animals have chakras. Yes, everything from ants upward on the evolutionary scale has seven chakras. This fact may be linked to the segmentation of the body (clearly seen in insects) and Hock’s genes (on human chromosome 12) which act as master switches, controlling the activity of genes and how they interact with each other. Very early in the development of the fetus, they help the identical cells formed during  its early growth to differentiate and form the various segments of the body and later the specific organs, limbs, et, residing in each region of the adult body. As this process of development is essentially the same for almost all animals, it is logical to assume that animals’ energy  systems are  also fundamentally the same, developing along the same segmented  path. Both experience and many others’ experience of healing domestic and farm animals bear this out.

Working with dogs over the years there has been found that crystals have very similar effects on them as on any human subject. You can apply crystal chakra healing to pets and livestock yourself, but you will need some understanding of your pets or you can simply dowse crystals with your pendulum. Attach the selected crystals to collars, place them in water bowls or beds, and put them in or tie them to cages.

However you choose to work with crystals learning to control the flow of life-force energy allows you to make positive alternations to your health and lifestyle. The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing is a handbook to health, containing many techniques for working with crystals on the chakras, aura, and meridians of the body’s energy system. You can use it to improve the quality of your life and your pets’, healing mind, body and spirit.

Gemstone of the Day for August 4th is Azurite


A popular crystal for its beautiful deep blue colour; this stone has a startling blue edge, which is the key to its healing powers. Azurite forms when copper ones oxidize. It is associated with the green mineral malachite, with which it shares a similar chemical structure. In the Middle Ages, powdered azurite was used as a blue pigment in paints and dyes. As it absorbed atmospheric moisture, it used to oxidize to malachite, which explains why the sky is green in some early Renaissance paintings. The two minerals can be found in a form called azurite-malachite, which is excellent, for “cleaning out” deep-rooted emotions. The finest large azurite crystals come from Namibia.

Identification and care

  • Small crystals appear a powdery blue and are often small, round nodules.
  • Large crystals are often very dark and shiny, with an electric blue edge.
  • Crystals are soft, so need careful handling.
  • Do not clean nodules in water.


  • Helps you to achieve swift, results
  • Reveals mysteries
  • Transmits messages from the unknown

Healing functions

  • Accesses deep levels of body-consciousness
  • Draws out memories or old stress, allowing them to be released in healing
  • Improves communication and creative flow

Practical ideas

  • To encourage expansion of consciousness, place four pieces of azurite on and around the body; one above the crown, one either side of the head and one at the solar plexus.


Crystal Lattice Patterns


A cube-shaped lattice. Most crystals  of this type consist of a number of interpenetrating cubes, rather than single cubes. Examples: garnet, pyrite, sodalite, diamond, halite, fluorite and copper. Qualities: releasing tension and encouraging creativity


This lattice is shaped like two pyramids joined base to base, with elongated upper and lower points. Examples: apophyllite pyramid, zircon, rutile and chalcopyrite Qualities: balancing and harmonizing


Shaped like a small squashed matchbox, with all sides unequal in length. Examples: danburite blade, peridot, topaz and celestite. Qualities: linking, aiding, the flow of information.


This lattice is shaped like a diamond or a barrel-shaped lozenge. Examples: sapphire, alpha quartz, tourmaline and ruby. Qualities: energizing and anchoring


Shaped like an elongated squashed matchbox. Examples: selenite wand and kunzite Qualities: affects movement and perception.


Shaped like a hexagonal prism. Examples: aquamarine, beta quartz, emerald and apatite. Qualities: organizing and supporting.


This lattice is the most variable, having no set angles or lengths. Examples: kyanite blade, labradorite and ulexite Qualities:  opening and protective.

Crystal Systems

Crystals can remain unchanged for millions of years because their constituent atoms are arranged in a stable, regular pattern, called a lattice. This lattice repeats throughout the crystal and ensures that every crystal of the same mineral will show the same geometrical characteristics, with the same number of flat faces always meeting at the same angles. This precise repetition is the same no matter what size the crystal or whether it is a faceted gem or a dull, rough piece. A crystal’s external form is simply a reflection of its internal atomic structure. These shapes have a significant influence over the magickal and healing properties of a crystal.

The lattices fall into seven major types. Different minerals that share the same core pattern will have similar basic shapes. Unfortunately, these simple forms are seldom obvious from the external appearance of crystals owing to the variable conditions in which they form. However, careful scrutiny will allow you to recognize certain identifying traits (for example, the hexagonal cross-section of quartz or emerald).