Selecting Crystals

There are three simple ways to select the crystals you need, whether for yourself or for others.

  • Look them up in a book. Decide why you need a crystal and search for the appropriate ones to help the condition or symptoms.

  • Follow your intuition. Feeling drawn in any way to a crystal suggests that you need it. It will stand out from the crowd, possibly sparkle and shine, and virtually shout at you, wave, jump up and down, or leap off the shelf. Of course, it may just be interesting or look pretty. However you are drawn to them, theses crystals will help you, sometimes in unexpected or amazing ways. If you are selecting crystals for  other people, perhaps as a gift, then keep that person in your mind when choosing. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at a photo of the person, have a personal object that belongs to them, or even just write their name on a piece of paper.

  • Employ a pendulum and dowse for the crystals you need.

If you are selecting crystals intuitively or with a pendulum you can always look up their healing properties in a book. Conversely if you have chosen crystals from a book, you  can decide how best to apply them with the aid of a pendulum. The most important thing when choosing a crystal is to trust yourself.