Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 14 – ‘Cow Appreciation Day’

Perfect for ‘Cow Appreciation Day,’ there is a symbolic cow in Feng Shui that can generate a ton of appreciation when positioned in any qua that need good energy, fortune and luck. Traditionally, this ‘Wish Fulfilling Cow’ is placed in the Children/Creativity area, but positioning it into any gua that needs to be milked for the excellent energies will grant you loads of luck. The Wish Fulfilling Cow can also be placed in the Family/Friends/Ancestors area since it is also symbolic of good descendant’s luck, wishes fulfilled and excellent fortunes to the whole household. This cow is often found sitting on a bed of coins, signifying that future generations will also be bathed in prosperity. The cow is also an activator of fertility, good harvests, and rewards for hard work, and is said to bring success in business endeavors, exams and investments as well. Milk this symbol for all it’s worth, especially if you want to spend your days dwelling in the lands of milk and honey.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com