Have A Super Fantastic Friday, Dear Friends!

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Today’s Affirmation for Friday, February 3rd

“I have only to believe that I have no fear, and all my fear will melt away. I have only to believe in myself, and all my obstacles will lose their threat.”


Thought of the Day for Friday, February 3rd

Our fear is of the unknown. Let go, throw yourself into the adventure of the self. The fear fades into the air you breathe.


Meditation of the Day for Friday, February 3rd

Releasing Fear

If we allow them their way, our fears can exert a powerful influence over our thoughts, feelings and actions. Perform this meditation to loosen their grip.

  1. Close your eyes and bring to mnd one of your deepest fears – for example, the fear of being unlovable.
  2. Acknowledge the presence of your fear. Just be aware of its existence and observe how it feels without wallowing in it.
  3. Now imagine your fear embodied as a caged bird. Notice the appearance of the bird – its shape, the colour of its feathers, the sound of its call, and its movements.
  4. Visualize opening the cage and settng the bird free, releasing it from your consciousness. As you watch the bird fly away, experience a wave of acceptance washing over you.