Let’s start out with a very serious subject………

I have been sitting here watching a channel that is going to show “JFK” tonight.  I was a baby when this happened. I remembered the horses pulling the casket and that’s it. Perhaps I don’t have all my facts but I can’t make up my mind who killed President Kennedy. I do know JFK was a great man and can you imagine what the country might be like now. I can’t even dream that because I don’t know the era in which all this occurred. I see news clips of the Age of Aquarius, Woodstock and some other unfortunate things I do not want to mention. So where am I going with this? I was just curious if anyone had any idea of what might have happened to Kennedy, was it the CIA, Mafia, Cuban mercenaries, or was it just Oswald by himself who acted alone?

Then the plot thickens as Oswald is brought out of the Police Department and Jack Ruby lays in wait for him. Ruby shots him and hours later Oswald dies. Do you think Ruby was a patsy used to kill Oswald to keep him quiet?

Some thought-provoking questions, got an opinion, let’s hear it!