Hello World! How Are You?

Does the penguin do it or not? Stay tuned as the story develops…..Have you ever flipped the TV channels during the day? There is murder everywhere you look, then you have this wife in bed with her best friend’s husband……..I mean really! Now the top story is the Casey Anthony story. I have to admit I did follow the case some. Like most of America, when the verdict came down I was shocked to say the least. Everytime I walked by the TV and her picture was on there I would say, “Fry the &itch!” Which in my opinion the jury clearly didn’t do their job and let a guilty woman walks. But who am I to say, I am just a lowly witch 😦 But I have talked about it with others and we all wonder is America just becoming more violent or do we have more access to the violence? In Desert Storm, we got to ride into Bagdad with the troops. I wonder if we had got to go with the troops of WWII, would our troops have been there that long? All the killing of Americans, laying in gutters, out in the middle of the streets. I can answer that “Hell, no!” We would insisted our troops be pulled out immediately. My point with this, we won’t put up with our troops dying in combat but we will tolerate some poor infant dying at the hands of her mother. We will watch on TV as a slain man lays in the street died, covered up by a white sheet, or a woman out in a field died. Why? What point does it serve killing another person? Why do we put up with such violence on TV? What kind of world is our children growing up in with violence everywhere? Where are our morals? Do we not value human life anymore? What has happened to us as a country? You know it only take one person. One person to say enough, enough with the killing, enough with the violence! If nothing else, we can write our TV channels and tell them we are sick of the violence. We are sick of the violence all day long. We want wholesome programs for our kids. If a child is to watch a show appropriate for them, then they have to get up at 5:30 a.m., every morning to see it.  Then the programs last for 2 hours and that’s it. The rest of the day is violence, sex, more violence and more sex. Something has to give. This country is out of control and we need to take some of it back. The TV channels are as good of a place as any to start. If each one of us wrote a letter and tell these channels to stop the violence all day. To change their programming just a little bit and believe me they could if they wanted to. Then I think a couple of thousand letters would make a difference. If you would like to start to take back control of this country by starting with the TV stations, then I will get you the address to write too. I know you might think it wouldn’t do any good but if we all band together and take a stand, a start, it will. As the old saying goes, “There is a lot more of us than you think,” let’s show’em how many of us there really is? Write those letters. Not for us but for our children.