Lung Tonic

Native Americans of the Midwest used this tonic to alleviate bronchial coughs and congestion.

2   tablespoons pleurisy root
1   tablespoon mullein root
2   tablespoons elecampane root
1   tablespoon cramp bark
1   teaspoon licorice root or ginger
2   tablespoons osha root, optional; take only if there is congestion or a productive cough
2   tablespoons yucca, dried and split, optional; take only if there is wheezing

Simmer in 2 cups of water, covered for 15 minutes.  Strain when cool and drink half a cup daily to facilitate the lungs or drink half a cup three times daily to alleviate congestion. For wheezing, add dried and split yucca, and add half a cup to coffee or drink alone up to 3 times daily.


Herb of the Day for April 15 is White Camphor

Herb of the Day

White Camphor

CAMPHOR, WHITE (Cinnamonum camphora) – When undiluted, familiar smell of Camphor – penetrating, slightly sweet or flowery, quite strong. Diluted, has a “fresh” type of scent, and is commonly used in various household cleaners, room sprays, and disinfectants. It has been used particularly against pneumococci (one type of bacteria which causes pneumonia), and is reported to be of benefit when applied to boils. Antispasmodic. Anti-inflammatory (used externally to soothe joint/muscle pain, and bronchitis). Feels cool to the touch. Numbs the local peripheral nerves, thus has a local analgesic effect..