Did you know……..

Did you know…

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A queen sitting on a throne

  • … that, in 1898, the United States government annexed the Kingdom of Hawaii despite protestation from Queen Liliuokalani (pictured)?
  • … that in 1954 The New York Times warned that the Communist Party of French India was likely to seize power in the colony?
  • … that the CFTR inhibitory factor can induce cystic fibrosis (CF) -like conditions in the lungs of a non-CF patient?
  • … that following a landmark decision of the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court, the same judge passed sentence on each of the six politicians in separate trials charged in relation to the 2009 Parliamentary expenses scandal?
  • … that American journalist Charles Franklin Hildebrand earned the Purple Heart and Silver Star for his World War I service in the battles of the Marne River and Argonne Forest?
  • … that the anarchist Revolutionary Avengers group from 1910 to 1914 has been described as the most radical terrorist organization in the history of Poland?
  • … that witnesses have reported ghostly lights and phantom fires emanating from the Dr. John R. Drish House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?