Deity of the Day for July 1 is Dagda

Deity of the Day

Dagda (Irish)

The Irish father God of the Earth is known to mate with the Morrigan, Goddess of death at Samhuinn, he is the keeper of the horn of plenty and the harp of seasons. A fearsome warrior whose club can renew life as well as kill, together with Ogma and Lugh he helped defeat the Formorians for the Tuatha De Danaan. His name translates as the “Good God” though more for his skills than his actions in spite of the fact that he is stated as being a wise elder. Druids see him as a God of wisdom, with extreme power, abundance and the ability to restore life, a belief sacred to the Celts. “The Good God”‘ “All-father”; Great God; Lord of the Heavens; Father of the gods and men; Lord of Life and Death; the Arch-Druid; god of magic; Earth God. High King of the Tuatha De Danann. He had four great palaces in the depths of the earth and under the hollow hills. The Dagda had several children, the most important being Brigit, Angus, Midir, Ogma and Bodb the Red. God of death and rebirth; master of all trades; lord of perfect knowledge. He had a cauldron called The Undry which supplied unlimited food. He also had a living oak harp which caused the seasons to change in their order. He was pictured wearing a brown, low-necked tunic which just reached his hips and a hooded cape that barely covered his shoulders. On his feet were horse-hide boots. Behind him he pulled his massive 8-pronged warclub on a wheel. Protection, warriors, knowledge, magic, fire, prophecy, weather, reincarnation, the arts, initiation, patron of priests, the Sun, healing, regeneration, prosperity and plenty, music, the harp. First among magicians, warriors, artisans, all knowledge.