The Wicca Book Of Days for February 16 – Raphael to the Rescue!

The Wicca Book of Days for February 16th

Raphael to the Rescue!

If you are ailing and feel that you could do with some angelic first aid, calling on Raphael would be especially efficacious, for the element of air corresponds to this Archangel, as it does to Aquarius, the zodiacal sign that rules this February day. Raphael, whose magick color is sky blue, is furthermore considered to be the Guardian of the East and the angelic entity that presides over Spring. Said to have miraculous powers of healing (the Apocrypha relates how he restored the blind Tobit’s sight with fish gall). Raphael is also regarded as a patron Saint of physicians, pharmacists, and apothecaries.

“A Bolt from the Blue”

If you have a set of Tarot cards, look hard at the major-arcana card of the Lightning-struck Tower (XVI) on this sixteenth day of February. You may increasingly gain the sense that spiritual illumination can shatter your defenses like a thunderbolt from the blue, or that turmoil is on the cards.