Making A Dream Wand (Storm Moon)

Making A Dream Wand

(Storm Moon)
Using wands is a way of focusing your energy and pointing your magickal energy toward something in particular. Make this wand to focus your magickal power.
You will need a stick the length of your elbow to the end of your middle finger when outstretched. Youwill also need superglue, a pointed stone or crystal point and your favorite color of ribbon. As in Harry Potter, wands can be made from many things and are a reflection of their owner. Choose a wood and stone that reflect who you are as a creative and magick person.
Strip the wood of its bark, then glue the stone onto what you want to be the tip end of the wand. After the glue has dried, drape the ribbon around the wand, starting from the tip and moving to the base. You can also glue and tie things on your wand that help it to become uniquely yours. Be creative!
After you have finished making your wand, draw a magick circle of light and call in the elements. Standing in the middle of the circle, hold your wand with your power hand and raise it high up in the air. Say:
“Come almighty powers of Oneness,
Inbibe this dream wand with your powers,
So that it may have a direct connection to the divine.
To always guide and protect me well.
Ayea! Ayea! Ayea! So be it! Blessed Be!”
When you are done, bid farewell to the elements and close the circle. Keep your wand to your altar and use it to make magick night and day.

The Wicca Book of Days for Feb. 8th – Aspirational Air

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Aspirational Air  


The Element that ancient astrologers assigned to today’s zodiacal sign of Aquarius is Air which has many symbolic connotations, including communication, intelligence, spirituality, aspirations and other “higher things,” along with independence and an aversion to being constrained. In addition, Air is associated with Spring; the East; and the color blue, the hue of the sky that is this Element’s realm. Air is also considered to be a spiritual Element, for it provides the breath of life, or soul, that animates us, while ghosts are popularly believed to be ethereal, incorporeal beings that can be felt (often as a breeze or drop in temperature), rather than seen.


 “Melodious Messages” 

Messages are carried through the air as sounds. Today, you’ll find that including songs in you rituals pays dividends, by enabling your soul to sing freely. Invoke the Goddess in this melodious way and you should find your pleas answered.   

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The Charm of Making

The Charm of Making

The Charm of Making could just as well be called the Charm of Manifestation into the Physical. It is rather like the finishing touches to spellworking. The concentration used solidifies your intentions into embryonic form in the spiritual realm where all creation begins. Without this solidification and seed-planting in the spiritual, nothing can manifest in the physical.
Notes: Perform during bright noon or the waxing Moon for increasing magick with the Full Moon being strongest; during evening hours or the waning Moon for decreasing magick, with the New Moon being strongest. Use in conjunction with any ritual. This ceremony is primarily to use dragon power and magick for bringing your desires into being.

Supplies: It is better to have a pentacle disk; dragon pentacles; water chalice with a little fresh water in it; dish of salt; wine chalice; black (left) and white (right) altar candles; sword; wand; incense burner; appropriate incense (such as prosperity or binding); dragon’s blood powder and mastic; dragon mirror; gong or bell; staff; any candles for spells, talisman bags, etc. It is useful for concentration to plan what exactly you want to use before beginning this ritual.

Use the Basic Dragon Ritual up to the point where you insert the necessary chants for specific spellworkings.

Hold the sword in your power hand, the staff in the other. Stand facing the altar and hold the sword pointed at the dragon pentacle. Chant five, seven or nine time in tones that vibrate through your body:
While chanting this concentrate deeply upon drawing on the dragon power. You will feel power sent to you from all sides. Listen to any messages that the dragons give you.

Place the candle, talisman bag and contents or whatever you are spelling, between the mirror and the dragon pentacle. Make certain that the dragon pentacle is reflected in the mirror along with the objects. If using a candle, light it and let it burn out completely in that position. If using a talisman bag or poppet, leave it on the altar overnight.

Continue the rest of the ritual.

Inviting Magickal Fey Into Your Garden

Inviting Magickal Fey Into Your Garden

by Jimbo


Fairies, Gnomes, Nymphs, Sprites… Creatures of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water… those who live in the veil between this plane and the next… mischievous, lucky, magickal, beautiful and grotesque, large and small… All fey friends welcome! Welcome! We invite you to inspire us! We invite you to invigorate us! Infuse us with mirth and laughter! Excite us with your magick and mischief – in a good way. Come! Play with us! We welcome you.

Many a tale has been spun throughout the ages involving some sort of mysterious creature. Fairy Tales, Fables, Folk Tales – often with a trickster, prankster, or magical creature that grants wishes!

I believe that these creatures exist all around us – often unseen in the nooks and crannies of our lives. Where many often banish the fey, I invite them into my rituals – to aid me in my magick.

What do the fey represent?

Every person has their own relationship with the archetypes represented by different fey creatures. I like to think of the fey as a “personification of nature”.

The apple tree in the back yard has a true personality – it’s an old, chatty wise woman, with her sweet apples and knobby branches. She is great for climbing, and if you sit in a particular spot, she tells you stories about the orchard that used to live there, and all sorts of things that have happened. She loves to cradle you as she sings you the song of the sunset, and whispers as the breeze flows through her leaves. She is a tree nymph _ and she is wonderful. Also in the yard are lots of little fey – a family of gnomes under the shed, and a whole clan of fairies in the back fence overgrown with prickly blackberries. (They like to steal a tool or two and bury them somewhere in the lawn)

You, too, can bring the fun and frolic of the fey alive in your personal space as well. You can create a special garden or shrine devoted to the fey.

Be creative! There are so many ways to invite these wonderful creatures into your life! From simply hanging a sparkly wind chime outside, to placing a sweet cookie on a pretty plate on your altar, gestures to the fey really make a difference.

Here are some ideas on how to create a garden for your yard or a smaller one for indoors. But this is by no means a limit to the different ways you can connect with that special inspiration we can only attribute to our beloved fey friends.


Bring some of that ethereal inspirational spirit into your apartment with an indoor fey shrine.

Start with a miniature arboretum. It can be planted in any size or shape of container – many of which are available at home and garden stores.

Fill the planter with soil and plant herbs, moss and even mushrooms. Smaller leaved herbs work well, like thyme and oregano. If well clipped, rosemary and dill are great too. Think about the type of fey that may live with you in your space, and allow them to inspire the selection of plants. Add some rocks, crystals, and a pretty ceramic bowl to use as a reflecting pool.

You can also create a hidden garden in a large houseplant you already have. Beneath the broad leaves of a Peace Lilly or the branches of a Fichus tree, arrange some small sparkly stones, and tie some colorful ribbon to the stalks. With two different colors of fish-tank pebbles, create a pattern on the soil.

The fey (and cats) that live in your house will enjoy discovering these elusive hideaways!


Outdoors, the possibilities are endless. Use rocks or bricks to build some sort of altar to the fey. Landscape a small area of your yard with pebbles, crystals and a variety of plants. Transplant that bothersome moss in your lawn to your fey garden – it will really grow! In the spring, plant Lobelia, Forget-me-nots, Baby’s Breath, and even Cosmos. I enjoy planting purple flowers in the spring that bloom all summer. In the winter there are all sorts of perennials that can be planted: herbs, grasses, ferns and succulents are good ideas.

Using found materials that are attractive to the fey is a good approach, especially in residential areas. Tiles, which can often be obtained inexpensively, are a nice touch to a garden. You can also place special crystals here and there. I like to work small, and create little wee places for my fey friends to play.

If you see mushrooms in your yard, dig up a small patch around them, and transplant to your garden. They will spore there and more will grow next season.

You can add a fairy mound – a small hill covered in moss, with a small door (from a doll house, or hand crafted) on the side. A variation is a small round mirror or reflecting pool on the top.

Even branches tied together with an old window, arranged rocks, a shiny pinwheel, and ribbon streaming from the fixture is sure to keep the fey as well as your human guests enchanted.

There are so many little things to do in the mundane world that attract the fey. Perhaps the best idea of all is to allow these magickal creatures to speak to you in meditation – they will let you know what they want (believe me!).

Earth Witch Lore – Mountains and Mounds

Earth Witch Lore – Mountains and Mounds


Legendary mountains and mounds fall within the domain of the Earth Witch. While mountains are natural formations, mounds are human-made. Both are considered sacred space. The prevailing argument as to the purpose of the mounds is that they are sacred burial grounds.

The Navajos have an old legend that describes the creation of the six sacred mountains. The First Man and First Woman formed the mountains from a bag of dirt that they carried with them from the third world (spirit realm). They sent Turquoise Boy to one mountain. Abalone Shell Boy to another, Jet Boy to another, and White Bead Boy to another. The mountains were not satisfied with that arrangement and would rumble loudly with displeasure. Only two of the six mountains were happy. First Man and First Woman sent the beautiful Mixed Stones Boy and Girl to those mountains. They then sent the rest of the holy ones, including Grasshopper Girl and Yellow Corn Girl, into the mountains.

First Man and First Woman then fastened the mountains to the land with lightning bolts, stone knives and sunbeams. They decorated them with shells, eggs, mists and rain. They then blessed the mountains with chants and prayers. They believe that keeping the land beautiful pleases the ancestors, and pleasing the ancestors, make for a happy tribe.

The Earth Witch agrees with this philosophy. She makes regular use of eco-magic and often gets involved with environmental issues. She understand the true beauty and blessing of the Earth and does not take them for granted. She considers keeping the land clean a sacred responsibility.

The Dark Side of the Earth Witch

The Dark Side of the Earth Witch


All beings have their strengths and weaknesses. In the case of an Earth Witch, there is one main magical problem: she has a hart time defending herself against things that are “unearthly.” Spiritual entities or adverse astral conditions are rare occurrences, but since they force the Earth Witch out of her natural realm, they can cause quite a bit of stress and wreak havoc. Because these entities have an easier tim attacking the Earth Witch, they tend to do so more often than they do the other Elemental Witches. Because of this problem, the Earth Witch is usually very practiced in warding and protection. This is also a prime argument for maintaining balance in one’s magical practice. Each element has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Where one element may have a hole, another may fill it with energy.


However, the enterprising Earth Witch has (and has had for centuries) the perfect tool to remedy this problem: the bridge. Crossing running water serves to release her from any hounding spirits. In order for an Earth Witch to fight unearthly forces effectively, she must call upon her sister elements. It is in this capacity that her role of being the foundation of life is of the greatest importance. Her ability to draw from her sister elements and seek their aid becomes more pronounced each time shed does it. Practice makes perfect for an Earth Witch.


It is important to note than an Earth Witch can have a hard time understanding her sister elements. In truth, all practitioners of specialty paths have to find their own unique ways of relating to those who follow a different elemental path. The Earth Witch is both battered and pampered by the other elements. For example, a hurricane force wind may change the surface of the Earth, but it cannot change the core of it. The Earth Witch is the same. She can adapt to the wind on the surface, but it does not change who she is or her role in the world.



Wiccan Magick is based on the four elements…Fire, Air, Water and Earth.
These four Elements correspond to the four directions of our physical world, the four quarters of the universe, the four winds, and most importantly the four quarters of the magical circle. Fire and Air are considered male energies….Water and Earth female. The four Elements are forces and energies that make up the universe and everything in it. They also possess form as well as force. In Wiccan Magick each Element is associated with a color. Modern day Wiccans use the following colors: east – yellow; south – red; west – blue; north – green.


Fire represents passion, enthusiasm, desire and courage, force, lust, fertility and virility, initiative and rejuvenation. It represents both light and heat. The light of intelligence and the courage to follow it. A low fire person is usually cold, slow to act, without enthusiasm for life or himself. A high fire person is bold, dramatic and passionate in all areas within himself, however this person must be careful as fire can destroy everything in it’s path. Fire magick can bring on the new, bring on courage and passion and destroy the old.

It’s feelings are hot and dry, it’s season is Summer and direction is South/Energy. It’s symbol is the Athame/Sword, Candle and the Burner; it’s colors are Reds, Oranges and Golds. The moon phase is the second quarter and it’s time is high Noon.

The different types of Fire Magick are Bonfire Magick, which usually involves burning something such as an herb or flower, or a piece of paper or petition on which you have written your desire. It is used for banishing, ridding or destroying negative influences in your life.

Another is Candle Magick, a simple, easy and useful method in bringing about your desires. A color for the candle is chosen and can also include the correct scent in relation to your desire and lit sometimes for up to seven days. This type of Fire Magick is usually for any type of desire.

Another is Sun Magick. Using the Sun in our desires is a beautiful way in which to enhance new beginnings in love, health, work and home, awaken subtle powers and aid in attraction desires.


Air represents mental activity, thoughts, reason and intellect, memory, knowledge, persuasion, birth and friendship, freedom, clarification and expression. A low Air person seems without any direction and unable to define or visualize any future and can not reason out the alternatives and objectives. A high Air person is at ease in complex situations and can sit and think things through, and can carry through with decisions.

It’s feelings are moist heat, it’s season is Spring, it’s direction is East/Mental, the symbol is the Wand, Athame, or the smoke of the incense. It’s colors are White, Lt Blues, Yellows and Green. Moon phase is the first quarter and it’s time is Dawn.

Different types of Air Magick include Visualizations. An important tool in any magick work, it makes the events happen. For this type, it is important that all the other factors such as color, time, the moon phase, winds, etc. are all in balance. And to have the other tools working such as incense and candle burning, or even the right tea or wine to drink in the background. This is because you need to “fix” or “ground” the images or ideas you are using in your visualization.

As our thoughts are extremely powerful, as are our Words. Words can be put together in such a way as to form spells, or used in channeling your power. Words give rise to our desires and can be released upon the winds for attainment. Created and repeated with intensity and concentration the spoken word is a powerful magick in itself. You do not have to be an accomplished linguist, just a simple sentence will do. It creates an atmosphere of concentrated awareness and strength. Words can be used in moments of stress and fear, and will create the magick itself. It does not have to be said aloud, say them to yourself if need or want be.

Another Air Magick is Mirror Magick. It can help in overcoming inner problems and also help with difficult personal decisions. It uses both the Word and Visualization forms and can also aid in being able to visualize a future event. Sometimes, used as a Scrying Tool, in which you are able to “see” possible future events.


Ah water, the symbol of our emotions. Water imbibes all life forms and in us we flow with the “tide” of our feelings. It involves intuition, insight, conception and pregnancy, fertility, the womb, health, beauty and divination. A low water person would appear as a cold calculating one, one who is indifferemt and unresponsive. On the other hand, a high water person may seem as though at the slightest touch the well is opened and can be over emotional and over dramatic in all areas of life. A good balance of water here is needed to keep the flow running smoothly.

Its feelings are cold moisture, its season is Fall, direction is West/ Emotion and its colors are Blue, Light Grays, Sea Greens and Whites.The symbols are the cup or chalice. The Moon phase is the Full Moon and its time is Dusk.

Some Water Magick can involve the use of the beach and its sand, shells, animals and seawater. Especially good for love spells and too, when you need to “get a grip” or clarify your own emotions. The use of shells in the practice is widely used. These can hold appropriate herbs or be used as a symbol of Water Magick.

One old tradition is using that of well water. A lot of gems and stones are exposed to this for a period of time and used at night, in full moon or the waxing phases, for Water Magick. Be careful though to know your stones, as some do not react well in water for long periods of time. This type of magick can give you insights to how others think of you, what others are doing and how well they are and to find the truth within yourself. Be careful when using this type also, if there is an intent of maliciousness or control of another, all you will get is a reflection back unto yourself.

Water spells can involve the use of Scrying bowls. This is a bowl of clear or colored water in which you are able to “see” the future and future events or get a clear direction on decisions. Widely used in certain meditations and visualizations.


Finally we come to the Element of Earth. The source and provider of all our needs. Represents sensations, decay, patience, stability, strength, health, warmth and comfort, animals and animal instincts, farming and physical labor.

Its feeling is dry and cold, its season is Winter, its colors are Browns, Blacks, Purples and some Greens. Its symbol is the Pentacle or Rice, Salt or grain in a brass or terra cotta bowl or a Stone. Its Moon phase is the Fourth Quarter and its favored time is Midnight. A high Earth person seems a practical sort and quite “down to earth”. A hard worker, stable and a good provider. Can be a little too stubborn sometimes however. A low Earth person can seem confused, insecure and alone, unable to feel wanted and the work may be affected.

Earth Magick can involve the use of herbs and plants. Using the correct herb to attain your desire along with the other tools can be very effective. Burying something and making some offerings to the Earth such as planting trees is a form of Earth Magick. Using your gems or crystals and burying them in the Earth under the appropriate tree while making your wish is also effective.

Another type which is considered Earth Magick is any type of routine magick. Anything you do on a routine basis can be used as a magickal vehicle. While performing something you do at the same time everyday, prepare yourself and use this period for clarity on a subject, figure the best course of action in a situation or to find just where you are in the course of your life.